It turns out that T’Challa decided to upgrade the Black Panther armor because of the ‘bitter’ Black Widow

Right from the first moment appearing in Captain America: Civil War (2016), Black Panther T’Challa quickly left a deep impression on many world audiences. Not only possessing an eye-catching look, great physicality and amazing speed, the king of Wakanda was also equipped with a very good armor, sometimes even better than Tony Stark’s technology at that time. .

However, when his own movie hit theaters two years later, the armor was even upgraded to a new level thanks to the talent of his sister Shuri. Not wanting his opponent to pierce his brother’s black panther, Shuri turned it into the championship outfit that T’Challa needed in order to be the perfect warrior. And in the book The Wakanda Files Recently published by Marvel Studios, the process has been revealed more clearly with a very surprising detail: It turns out that Black Widow, the seemingly unrelated character, is the reason Shuri has to upgrade. armor for T’Challa.

Although the superhero civil war has ended, T’Challa is always “bitter” Black Widow because he discovered a weak point in his vibranium armor.

Back in 2016, during the Avengers civil war in Germany, T’Challa joined Iron Man’s army to prevent Captain America from bringing Bucky Barnes away. The black panther doubted that former HYDRA agent was the one who killed his father, T’Chaka. And in his heart then nothing but two words “hatred”.

With excellent fighting ability and the excellent support from the armor, there were times when T’Challa took the upper hand and “weighed” both Cap and Bucky at the same time. However, when he was about to catch up with the duo, he was stopped by Black Widow with his ring of electric bullet. These bullets are not meant to mimic T’Challa’s muscular body, but leave him temporarily paralyzed, unable to maximize speed and watch Bucky escape by private jet right in front of his eyes. .

The Black Widow scene easily holds the Black Panther off with her electric ring in the superhero civil war.

Although at the end of the movie, all misunderstandings were resolved, T’Challa even agreed to take Bucky back to Wakanda for refuge, but he himself was still very “bitter” on Natasha Romanoff’s electric ring. In the book The Wakanda Files, Shuri pointed out that his older brother was at all unsatisfied when he let Black Widow outdo it so easily with just a child’s weapon. This prompts Shuri to conduct research on the type of electric ammo he was involved in, in the hope of being able to upgrade the armor to the most complete.

In the letter addressed to T’Challa, Shuri wrote: “Your Majesty, we have evaluated the technology that Black Widow uses when facing you in Berlin. The results showed that this type of electric bullet, from its effect to the recovery time, is similar (if not identical) to a conventional stun gun.“.

Besides, Shuri also stressed that Natasha used her bracelet with the lowest ammo level, as she herself did not want to harm T’Challa. It was just a reluctant measure to buy time to help Captain America and Bucky Barnes run away when unable to fend off the connection between Black Panther and Iron Man. “If this device is set to maximum mode, or if the victim is exposed to strong currents, they can suffer serious consequences. These include permanent nerve damage, grade 3 burns, vision loss or even death.“.

It turns out that T Challa decided to upgrade the Black Panther armor because of the bitter Black Widow | Live

T’Challa’s new armor is much more complete after being overtaken by Black Widow with her electric firing ring.

The information above also partly shows how scary the Black Widow bracelet is really, even if only installed at the lowest level. The best evidence is that it can penetrate the sturdy vibranium armor and make T’Challa unable to move flexibly. This seemingly very small defect really makes him uncomfortable, keep watching in his heart and repeatedly mention it with others.

My brother used to recall that moment many times and found himself foolish enough to let Black Widow’s device stop him from chasing Rogers at the Berlin airport. The new nanotechnology, combined with the dynamic disbursement technology that I just equip the Black Panther suit, will solve the same problem that happens in the future.“.

As we all know, T’Challa’s new armor can absorb the kinetic energy, accumulate it and transform into powerful blows. So, if anyone else intends to use the electric ring like the Black Widow with the Black Panther, they will soon receive a great defeat because their weapon is not only completely useless, but also contributes to makes the opponent a little stronger.

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