It turned out that Loki was DB Cooper, the hijacker ‘evaporated’ in midair, causing the FBI headaches for decades

Note: This article reveals the contents of volume 1 of the Loki series.

The first episode of Loki brought a ton of new, never-before-seen stories about the MCU’s deceitful god. In it, it is impossible not to mention the details that he is the notorious hijacker DB Cooper, the unsolved mystery that has caused the FBI headaches for decades. So who is Cooper to be able to make the US Federal Bureau of Investigation bewildered for such a long time?

The unsolved mystery of DB Cooper (right) has been fictionally handled by Marvel: If it weren’t for Loki, who would have been able to “play” the FBI like that?

The blatant robbery on the plane and the “evaporation” in the air of the perpetrator

The most famous story about DB Cooper was somewhat re-enacted in the first episode of Loki. On November 24, 1971, Dan “DB” Cooper (30-40 years old) pretended to be a passenger on Northwest Airlines Flight 305 (Boeing 727), from Portland to Seattle (USA). After taking off, he immediately passed a handwritten letter to the flight attendant Florence Schaffner to inform him that he had a bomb, and also asked the crew to prepare him 200,000 USD (nearly 4.6 billion VND). and 4 parachutes to escape. Cooper threatened to blow up the plane with 36 passengers on board if his request was not granted.

However, the remarkable point happened soon after, when Cooper got what he wanted. He directed the captain to fly to another location after refueling in Seattle, strapped a bag of money to his body, lowered the elevator himself in mid-air, and jumped into the mysterious night below, near the area of ​​​​the woods. impenetrable” in the Pacific Northwest. No one knows what Cooper is like after his reckless actions. According to initial investigation, there are some traces that he miraculously survived, with some money scattered along the river at Tena Bar.

It turned out that Loki was DB Cooper the hijacker evaporated in midair causing the FBI headaches for decades | Living

During the robbery, DB Cooper was always very calm and not in a hurry.

In the MCU, this incident is recreated in a more humorous and fictional way. Because of losing the bet with Thor, Loki was forced to play DB Cooper and carry out the robbery mentioned above. He calmly approaches Schaffner (Erika Coleman) to inform him of the purpose of bombing his plane. His good-looking, glossy appearance and charming smile even made her think that she was being romantically “ah” by a young businessman. This point is also especially close to that of the witness Schaffner. The flight attendant said that during the incident, Cooper never lost his temper or acted rashly. He remains gentle, calm and unassuming, even when threatening the crew.

Explaining Cooper’s disappearance in mid-air, the MCU has applied a “treasure” that only Marvel has: It is Asgard’s Bifrost bridge, with the ability to teleport between planets in the blink of an eye. . It turns out that after jumping out of the plane, Loki immediately called Heimdall to open the Bifrost to bring him back to Asgard, in the middle of a free fall in the middle of the day (instead of night like in the actual case). The money Loki earned in this incident also filled the air and slowly landed – an indirect explanation for the USD bills lying along the river at Tena Bar.

The unsolved case haunted the FBI for nearly 5 decades

It turned out that Loki was DB Cooper the hijacker evaporated in midair causing the FBI headaches for decades | Living

Loki escaped via the Bifrost Bridge, but DB Cooper’s disappearance in reality remains an unsolved mystery.

The unseen disappearance of DB Cooper really left a nagging headache for the FBI for a long time afterward. Since 1971, based only on the tie left by the perpetrator, they have investigated more than 800 suspects who may be related to, or the hijacker himself. However, until now, he has never been caught, and his true identity is still a mystery, because the evidence collected in the Pacific Northwest wilderness is not enough. to make a formal conclusion.

Cooper’s criminal record also records many different theories. It includes information such as he may have worked in the military or air force, even a former employee of the CIA because his demeanor and actions were so neat and calm throughout the robbery. Over the decades, many individuals have identified themselves as DB Cooper or have a relationship with him. However, all of them just stop at the level of “words” without any real evidence. In addition, according to the information on the plane ticket, his real name is Dan Cooper, but because of the initial confusion of the press, the nickname DB Cooper has been associated with him until today.

It turned out that Loki was DB Cooper the hijacker evaporated in midair causing the FBI headaches for decades | Living

Who DB Cooper really is, alive or dead in the 1971 robbery, is still a mystery.

In July 2011, Marla Cooper became the focus of US media and public opinion when she identified herself as the granddaughter of LD Cooper (believed to be the hijacker’s real name). She said that as a child, she overheard Cooper’s mysterious plans with other uncles in the family. However, she is not the first to share such stories to gain attention from others. In 1995, a man named Duane Weber once admitted to his dying wife that he was DB Cooper. In 1972, another hijacker, Richard Floyd McCoy, also insisted that he was the real Cooper.

However, despite all the arguments and evidence they gave, the FBI was still unable to investigate the true identity of this unique criminal. In July 2016, the FBI officially closed the case file and temporarily confirmed that it would not be possible to find DB Cooper anymore. He either died while escaping with the amount of 200,000 USD, or he may still be alive but has entered the age of “near earth far from heaven”. This case is labeled “one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in FBI history”.

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