It turned out that Geralt’s ‘hmm’ voices in The Witcher were self-composed by Henry Cavill for not knowing what to say.

Although The Witcher series is based on the famous novel of the same name by the Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski, it is undeniable that Henry Cavill’s Geralt image is very much inspired by the creation of the game The Witcher. 3: Wild Hunt. The actor himself also shared that he had plowed through the blockbuster CD Projekt RED game at least twice, playing even the hardest level. That’s why he decided to use the same voice as in the game – made by artist Doug Cockle, to be able to create a perfect Geralt and be closest to the fans.

Not only that, Henry’s deep voice also creates a trait that only Geralt has on the small screen: Those are times of muttering “hmm …” whenever he ponders, or simply is not sure what to say. This small detail that has made this martial really impressed a lot of viewers, and opened a new meme movement on the Internet.

Just go to YouTube and type the keyword “Geralt hm” and you will be able to enjoy a lot of videos summarizing the times when Henry Cavill grunted in The Witcher season 1.

But it turned out that every time such a voice came from improvisation, Henry’s ability to self-act was not included in the original script. Sharing with BBC Radio in the recent broadcast, the actor said: “All of the scenes I muttered were not included in the script. I kept adding it myself, or when I wanted to say something but didn’t know what to say. This makes my co-stars, and the audience, many times surprised. After hearing me “hmm …”, they all thought I would say something later, but I ended up silent”.

Geralt’s voice is not the only element inspired by The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. During the first 8 episodes of season 1, there were at least 2 scenes of monster hunters in the bath: once before he and Jaskier went to Queen Calanthe’s party, and once when he first met. Yennefer. Producer Lauren S. Hissrich herself confirmed that this is a small easter egg that Netflix wants to give to the fans who have played the witcher series (although the book version also has this detail), and also footage that Henry enjoyed.

I don’t know how many people will recognize this extremely classic scene, especially when it has been in the game before. When I sat in the bathtub, all I could think of was, “This scene alone is enough to create an earthquake, hoping fans will understand our intentions.” Also, I wanted to put my feet up on the edge of the bathtub to make it look like a game, but since the wooden crate was a bit cramped, it didn’t look like it was in the game, so I couldn’t do it. If you think about it, that’s good, because if you do that, the image will seem a bit too heavy”.

It turned out that Geralt s hmm voices in The Witcher were self composed by Henry Cavill for not knowing what to say | Live

Geralt’s bath scene is also an easter egg related to the game that Netflix dedicated to fans.

After the success of Season 1, Netflix has officially confirmed that it will produce The Witcher Season 2, which is expected to broadcast in 2021. In addition, the studio said that it has enough staff and ideas. to build at least 7 movie seasons, as long as fans will continue to support Geralt and friends, the same way they warmly received their first season in late 2019.

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