It turned out that Ben Affleck gave up playing Batman due to Warner Bros’s lack of professionalism. during filming of Justice League

On June 25, 2021, Warner Bros. will officially launch its own movie for Batman called The Batman. However, the main role this time will belong to Robert Pattinson, not Ben Affleck, who took on the Dark Knight in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and previous Justice League.

Recently, Ben Affleck has also acknowledged the embarrassing defeat of the Justice League, along with the lack of professionalism in the implementation process that made him fed up with Batman and the DCEU universe. Ben said changing the director, the script in the middle, and having to go back to many of the scenes that had been done before had a very negative effect on the inspiration and enthusiasm for his role.

Ben Affleck decided to give up the role of Batman after the incidents with Justice League.

Specifically, the Justice League project started with director Zack Snyder and promised to be the largest crossover event in the DCEU universe at that time. But during the shooting, Warner Bros. Suddenly decided to “replace generals”, put Joss Whedon on the chair, wrote about 80 more new script pages. But it’s worth noting that the movie’s length is shortened to about 120 minutes, while Zack Snyder’s version lasts up to 214 minutes – meaning 3.5 hours, longer than the blockbuster Avengers: Endgame.

This has made the circuit become discrete, somewhat patchy, reminiscent, turning Justice League into a biggest bomb in 2017. The trend of #ReleaseTheSnyderCut has since and has still existed. on many social networking sites (mostly Twitter). Fans believe that Warner Bros. is still holding the film by Zack Snyder and requires them to release it to compensate for the disappointment called Joss Whedon, even if it has not been able to handle all the tricks.

It turned out that Ben Affleck gave up playing Batman due to Warner Bros s lack of professionalism during filming of Justice League | Live

The length of the Justice League when Zack Snyder was directed was 3.5 hours, but Warner Bros. I just want this movie to be wrapped up in 2 hours only.

Another reason why Ben Affleck lost his confidence in the role of Batman is due to the onslaught of experts on the Batman v movie. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Although the audience was enthusiastically received, but this film had to suffer from negative reviews. This is also the reason the “sad Affleck” meme was born, when the actor could not smile at the promotional events for his new film with Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot.

The New York Times reported: “Ben Affleck would originally be the director and main actor in The Batman 2021. However, he decided to give up everything, leaving the chair to Matt Reeves, while the classic Batman role belonged to Robert Pattinson. The reason is that the troubles during the implementation of Justice League made him really tired and lost interest. Ben has never really liked the time of playing Batman. His sad attitude when promoting Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice makes this clear, and is also the source of the once famous Sad Affleck meme.”.

It turned out that Ben Affleck gave up playing Batman due to Warner Bros s lack of professionalism during filming of Justice League | Live

The Sad Affleck meme also came from this sad face.

Although quite satisfied with the script of The Batman, but Ben Affleck still resolutely decided to go away to perform other projects. The audience may regret it, but his friends and relatives are extremely supportive of this decision. Someone even told him: “If you continue to experience horrible feelings with Batman, perhaps you will drink alcohol to death, my friend“.

However, saying that does not mean that he hates the role of Batman at all. Even director Zack Snyder did not hesitate to assert that Ben is the perfect Batman on the big screen, because of the time invested in appearance (especially gym) as well as the dedication in the work of He is extremely remarkable. It’s just the trouble behind the lens in both of the movies that he starred in DCEU that made him no longer maintain the fire of enthusiasm.

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