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It is necessary to install these technology applications immediately on the phone to limit the risk of COVID-19 infection in the community


Bluezone is an application developed based on the cooperation of many Vietnamese digital businesses including Memozone, VNPT, MobiFone and BKAV.

With Bluezone, when there is 1 case of infection, users only need to go to the app to know immediately whether or not they have been in contact with this person. In particular, this application will help authorities Accurately pinpoint contacts, instead of isolating large numbers when a case is detected. The more people who install Bluezone, the better it works.

Bluezone is an electronic mask that helps authorities pinpoint the exact suspect

Accordingly, the way the Bluezone application works is extremely simple and convenient. Thanks to BLE (Bluetooth low energy) Bluetooth technology, smartphones that have downloaded applications can communicate with each other within a distance of 2m and store contact information on when and during the time. how long.

When detecting cases of COVID-19 (F0) ,, Health authorities are authorized to enter F0 data into the system. From here, all devices that have Bluezone installed will simultaneously receive information and compare their exposure history with newly received F0 data. If the F0 data matches the contact history, the application will immediately alert the user to risk of COVID-19 infection, and instruct the user to contact the competent health authorities for assistance. .

Bluezone’s principles are confidential, anonymous and transparent, only saves data on the user’s phone, does not transfer to the system nor collect the user’s location. People join the Bluezone community anonymously with others. Only competent health authorities will know those who are infected and who are suspected of being infected by close contact with COVID-19 infected people. Because of using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Bluetooth technology, users can turn on Bluetooth connectivity all day without worrying about draining the battery.


Developed by VNPT Group in cooperation with major IT companies in Vietnam, the NCOVI application allows citizens to provide information to support the health sector to find out cases to pay attention to. actively translated.

Accordingly, the function “Declaration of medical entry” of NCOVI application applies to people who come from epidemic areas, have contacted patients or suspected infections, thereby helping this target group receive timely support. from the health agency.

It is necessary to install these technology applications immediately on the phone to limit the risk of COVID 19 infection in the community | ICT News

NCOVI application helps to report health and reflect suspected cases to the management agency

Meanwhile, the “Universal Health Declaration” function allows people to register health information for themselves and their family members with health authorities. People will declare personal information of themselves and their families, including full name, identification number, social insurance code, nationality, gender, contact information. After the declaration, the user will self-assess the health status, fill in the survey form and send in the notification information to complete.

Remarkable, NCOVI applications also integrate functions reflect information on suspected cases. Through this function, people can send information to the authorities about suspicious cases, need to monitor disease. Noteworthy, Providing false information is a violation of Vietnamese law and may be subject to criminal prosecution. When creating an account, users are required to provide information including full name, date of birth, identification number, address and especially phone number to receive OTP code to activate the account.

Hanoi Smart City

Hanoi SmartCity is an application developed by a group of IT engineers in Hanoi City. This application is a great support for the management agency in the supervision of people infected with COVID-19 and those required for concentrated isolation in health facilities, isolation at home / place of residence and even those who have recovered from illness. Need to continue medical monitoring.

It is necessary to install these technology applications immediately on the phone to limit the risk of COVID 19 infection in the community | ICT News

Hanoi Smart City application integrated online map showing the location of suspected COVID-19 infected people

Besides, the Hanoi SmartCity application is also particularly useful to the majority of people living in Ha Noi capital cityi. When installing the application, the infections (F0) or cases requiring isolation (F1, F2, F3) will be updated in real time and are located on a digital map platform. Thanks to this feature, people can know exactly where people have COVID-19 or where there are people in isolation, thereby proactively preventing themselves and their families.

In addition to the aforementioned features, people can also provide information to support the health sector in order to ensure proactive prevention and control through the health reporting and mirroring suspects. The latest information on the disease situation such as new cases will also be updated accurately on the Hanoi SmartCity application.


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