Is the only villain ever “Avengers” in the MCU but Thanos can do anything without owning 6 Infinity Stones?

In Avengers: Infinity WarThanos has done one thing that no villain has done successfully in more than 10 years MCU: Defeat the Avengers. Not only simply eliminating those who stand in his way, Thanos also wiped out half of the universe’s population, causing heavy losses to the forces of the Revenge Squad and causing those who remain to live in helpless days. Classifieds for many years.

In order to achieve his goal, Thanos had to use 6 Infinity Stones with the terrible power that he sought and collected from the first Avengers. However, what if this Titan was not available for him? Will he still be able to lead such a chaotic universe?

Although the main purpose is to blow away the color of half of the universe’s population, the Infinity Stones have repeatedly helped Thanos in the hand-to-hand combat with the Avengers.

We have already seen the power of Thanos when not using infinity stones in some scenes like a duel with the Hulk in the opening sequence. Avengers: Infinity War, or the scene he alone “weighs” Captain America, Iron Man and Thor at the end End game (this is the 2014 version). However, Thanos’ true ability is even more “terrible” than that of the original comic, because the MCU did not dig too deeply about the origin of this character.

Accordingly, Thanos is the son of A’lars and Sui-San, a race named The Eternals – will officially appear in the MCU in 2021. This race is described as possessing extraordinary power. with many different abilities and almost immortal. However, Thanos’ background is a bit special when he has Deviants blood – similar to Eternals but with a monster-like appearance. This also explains why the Titan has an eye-catching appearance on the big screen, and the majority of Eternals are designed very shimmering, good-looking.

Despite being a bit different, Thanos also inherits a lot of the badass powers of Eternals. First, he possesses tremendous physical strength, proven when it is easy to take down the Hulk; beat Iron Man unconscious despite being “fully armored”; nearly killed Thor with his own ax; and crushing Cap’s Vibranium shield (in the story, he does this with his bare hands).

Is the only villain ever Avengers in the MCU but Thanos can do anything without owning 6 Infinity Stones | Live

Without the infinity stones, Thanos can still make it difficult for the Avengers.

Besides, Thanos also has a good ability to withstand injuries, immunity to many types of toxins or diseases, and almost no fear of death. The development of limbs is not enough, he is also an intelligent creature and knows how to control and utilize his abilities effectively. In empty-handed solo battles, Thanos has very few opponents, not to mention he has a genius brain on military tactics.

And yet, in the comics, Thanos also possesses the ability to manipulate energy, or simply understand, he can absorb and release destructive lasers. In addition, he also has psychic abilities and is not affected by spiritual attacks, and knows a little magic. In the story section Deadpool: Funeral for a Freak, Part 4, Thanos cursed Deadpool that this mutant could not be paired with Thanos’ Death – Crush.

After summarizing the mist of some special abilities of Thanos in the comics version, we can see that the comments about the Titan being “nerfed” in the MCU are completely grounded. Despite being able to defeat many of the Avengers, he was nearly killed by Scarlet Witch as well as fighting with the lower part of Captain Marvel, only winning the “cheat game” and using the Power Stone.

However, audiences may still have a chance to see this crazy Titan, or at least his youth, in the movie. The Eternals. Recently, comic artist Jim Starly, who created Thanos, also said this villainous personality would soon return to the MCU., because he brought a lot of revenue to Marvel Studios and they certainly will not let him leave the game so quickly.

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