Is the Galaxy Z Fold2 enough to replace the iPad at work?

When comparing between smartphones and tablets in terms of work efficiency, it is not difficult to see that the tablet will be the dominant device. With a larger screen, longer battery life, plus the support of some accessories such as a keyboard or pen; Tablet will help users work quickly and be much more productive.

However, compared to smartphones, tablets have an obvious disadvantage that users cannot put it in their pockets and carry it everywhere. This makes users crave a device that is as compact as a smartphone, but has the potential to be used as a tablet.

This dream comes true, when Samsung pioneered the development and production of folding screen smartphones, starting with the Galaxy Fold in 2019 and now the latest generation of Galaxy Z Fold2. Galaxy Z Fold2 has a compact size like a traditional smartphone and can fit into a pocket, but when folded, it has a screen up to 7.6 inches, equivalent to a small tablet.

So, how will a foldable smartphone like the Galaxy Z Fold2 perform when compared to a real tablet like an iPad? Let’s compare the experience between Galaxy Z Fold2 and iPad in some basic work tasks below.

Surf the web

The huge 7.6-inch screen size alone is enough for the Z Fold2 to provide a superior web surfing experience compared to all other smartphones on the market today. But not stopping there, Z Fold2 also has another extremely beneficial advantage, which is the square screen ratio, asymptotic to 4:3 standard like the iPad.

This is the “golden” ratio for surfing the web, because it allows users to read more information without having to constantly scroll the page like the long ratio of traditional smartphones. In addition, its square ratio allows users to activate the desktop version of the website while the font size is still large enough to read comfortably, providing more value than the mobile version. often shortened.

Is the Galaxy Z Fold2 enough to replace the iPad at work | Mobile

Besides web page content, Samsung’s web browser interface is also optimized to take advantage of the large screen of the Z Fold2. Among them, the most useful is the dedicated tab bar like on a computer, and users can easily switch between tabs with just one touch.

Is the Galaxy Z Fold2 enough to replace the iPad at work | Mobile

Read document files: Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Reading office files is probably the most common task when it comes to the working aspect of a smartphone. However, over the years, no smartphone has been able to do this job well, no matter how large the screen. The reason also comes from their long aspect ratio, when it not only causes users to scroll the page continuously, but also too narrow to display some content like Excel spreadsheets.

With iPad and Z Fold2, once again the square ratio of these two devices makes the user experience significantly enhanced. For Word documents, users can view content comfortably with large font sizes and large images. For Excel spreadsheets, users can view the entire spreadsheet without being confined like on smartphones. As for PowerPoint presentations, not only the slide content is clearly shown, but users also have a list of thumbnails on the side to quickly switch back and forth.

Is the Galaxy Z Fold2 enough to replace the iPad at work | Mobile

Is the Galaxy Z Fold2 enough to replace the iPad at work | Mobile
Is the Galaxy Z Fold2 enough to replace the iPad at work | Mobile


On today’s smartphones, checking email is a series of repetitive actions. Users will open the mail reader application, scroll through an inbox, touch a certain mail to read, then return to the inbox to find and read the next mail. For those who only receive a few emails a day, this process should not be too much of a problem. However, for those who see email as the “backbone” of their work and have to handle a huge amount of mail every day, it is clear that having to switch back and forth between the inbox and the content of the message quickly becomes annoying.

On large screen devices like iPad or Galaxy Z Fold2, developers have taken measures to optimize mail application interface to bring a better experience. Specifically, the mail application will be divided into two columns, in which the left column is the mail list, and the right column to display mail content. Users will be able to check the inbox and read mail content much faster and more efficiently than the traditional method.

Is the Galaxy Z Fold2 enough to replace the iPad at work | Mobile

“Soi chart”

Currently, a lot of people are investing in a number of fields such as stocks or cryptocurrencies, leading to the need to monitor the volatility of the market anytime, anywhere to make quick decisions.

If users only need to quickly check the price of the coins or stocks they are holding, the current smartphone can do a relatively good job of this task, especially when the major exchanges have applications for smartphone. However, for traders (exchangers), it is clear that they need a larger space to be able to see the chart and identify the trend of the coin or stock. At this point, a large screen device will become very useful.

Is the Galaxy Z Fold2 enough to replace the iPad at work | Mobile

It is quite strange that Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange and also the most popular in Vietnam, does not have an application for iPad. Users will be forced to use the enlarged version of the iPhone app, which doesn’t offer any advantages over using the phone. Meanwhile on the Z Fold2, the Binance app, although still based on the phone version, can be stretched to provide a much better experience than the iPad.


Not only does it provide a better experience in single apps, but the Galaxy Z Fold2 also allows users to multitask with multiple apps at the same time. Similar to iPad, Galaxy Z Fold2 can display two apps at the same time in split screen format. This is an extremely convenient feature that greatly improves workability. For example, users can surf the web while jotting down information, or text while checking their schedule.

Is the Galaxy Z Fold2 enough to replace the iPad at work | Mobile

Galaxy Z Fold2 – the perfect smartphone for the people of work

In 2011, when the phrase “work” on a smartphone simply included sending and receiving email,The launch of the Galaxy Note with its large screen and S-Pen was considered a major breakthrough. Since then, Samsung smartphones have always been rated as the top choice for workaholics.

Is the Galaxy Z Fold2 enough to replace the iPad at work | Mobile

However, now with the Galaxy Z Fold2, the ability to work on mobile devices is once again redefined by Samsung. Through the examples above, it can be seen that the Galaxy Z Fold2 offers a productive working experience like a tablet, while maintaining the mobility of a smartphone. The barriers that users once encountered on traditional smartphones have now been completely removed, thereby helping the Galaxy Z Fold2 become a true “mobile office”.

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