Is spending $ 130 to buy Apple’s MagSafe Duo charger a smart choice?

Apple recently made a rather surprising announcement that MagSafe will return to the iPhone 12 lineup. And while the MagSafe Duo charger isn’t entirely AirPower, it’s a charging accessory for the iPhone 12. and Apple Watch at the same time.

This is obviously an attractive product recommendation, as the magnets in MagSafe help keep your device in place – and therefore, it actually does charge – unlike some other wireless charging cradle. And according to the latest announcement on its online store, it is priced at 130 USD.

For a long time, Apple has a tradition of charging high fees for its products. Most users know and hate that too, but sometimes it’s well worth it. Still, is $ 130 for the MagSafe Duo charger really justified? Let’s also dissect this issue.

Wireless chargers don’t need to be beautiful at first, but at $ 130, users are clearly hoping for something “not too eye-catching”. Unfortunately, the MagSafe Duo’s design is pretty bad.

Second, it only charges 2 devices. For that much money, you can choose to buy the Mophie’s 3-in-1 charging dock, which retails for a suggested $ 140 but also allows for AirPods charging.

Third, for some, it won’t be as simple as $ 130. Because this charging dock comes with a USB-C to Lightning cable. You will need a USB-C charger. If you have one, great. But if not, Apple will want you to pay another $ 20, for a total of $ 150. A number that by this point has become quite substantial.

Is spending 130 to buy Apple s MagSafe Duo charger a smart choice | Mobile

Regular MagSafe.

And look again, regular MagSafe chargers cost $ 40. The Apple Watch charger, which uses a USB-A or USB-C port, costs $ 30. And keep in mind that all Apple Watch comes with a charger in the box. If you buy one more charger for each one, the total cost will be 110 USD, but theoretically, you can pay as little as 70 USD.

The regular MagSafe charger doesn’t work with the Apple Watch, but assuming you bought a regular MagSafe charger and a USB-C charger for a total of $ 60, now you just need to buy an additional Apple Watch charger for the price Another $ 30 will be enough to charge both devices. The difference is 60 USD, about 1.4 million Vietnamese Dong. Sure, the MagSafe Duo is arguably more portable in terms of portability, but obviously you can save a sizable amount of money and still have enough cables and chargers in your pocket.

However, the portability argument here is somewhat problematic. Because you cannot stick this MagSafe Duo to the back of iPhone 12 and use it at the same time as with a regular MagSafe charger. Obviously, in terms of “portability” a charging cable is more than enough for all problems.

Is spending 130 to buy Apple s MagSafe Duo charger a smart choice | Mobile

MagSafe and cases come from the manufacturer.

And the costs above don’t take into account that you also buy a MagSafe case, which retails for $ 50. That price plus the regular charger and charger is still $ 110. Again, if you already have an Apple Watch, you don’t need to buy another charger or charger. This smartwatch comes with its own charger and you probably already have a compatible charger.

Anyway, if you are an avid Apple fan and have a lot of economy, buy enough genuine charger accessories from the manufacturer as a hobby to collect. Otherwise, choose to be a discerning consumer.

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