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Is online business a safe way for Vietnamese businesses before the upcoming Covid flood?

Strong growth in the epidemic

Jeff Bezos, the boss of Amazon, gently pocketed $ 24 billion during the season. Amazon also announced the recruitment of an additional 100,000 employees to meet the shopping needs of consumers during the last Covid.

This is arguably the most vivid demonstration of the strong growth of online business at the time Covid was sweeping the global economy.

In Vietnam, only revenue from online shopping during the Covid epidemic in March and April increased by 20-30%.

Even some large e-commerce platforms such as Tiki have generated an additional 3,000-4,000 orders / minute. Saigon Co.op has an online transaction 10 times higher than weekdays. Lotte Mart also saw an increase in orders of 150-200% during the peak period.

Clearly, in the context of thousands of businesses having to close, hibernating and waiting to be translated, plus offline sales have dropped from 50-80% seriously, it can be seen that online business has been and is the end for Many Vietnamese enterprises have survived the Covid 19 epidemic.

Become the new trend

Even when Covid crippled nearly the entire economy, Vietnamese online businesses still achieved an impressive growth rate of up to 30% per year, from 2016-2020 (according to data). of the General Statistics Office). The market also welcomed 40% more new customers to shop for the first time and revenue will exceed $ 15 billion this year, according to VECOM statistics.

According to the General Statistics Office, online shopping is not only popular in the first half of 2020, but also a new trend in the near future.

The evidence is that many retail brands have quickly adjusted their business models to suit the needs of consumers. Businesses are focusing more on online sales channels and learning new strategies to reach and attract more customers.

Specifically, supermarkets such as BigC, Vinmart … provide more online shopping services through the phone application. Technology companies also offer solutions to support online purchases such as “Be shopping”, Grab Mart … Even big companies such as Tiki, Shopee, Lazada also appear more frequently on advertising campaigns, Attractive promotion to reach more consumers.

Especially, with the Government approving the national e-commerce development plan for the period of 2021-2025, with the goal of reaching 55% of the population participating in online shopping and revenue reaching 35 billion USD by 2025; Online business is proving itself to be an irresistible trend of Vietnamese economy.

Online business: Weapons help businesses ready to cope if the translation comes back

The 416 Ca Covid has officially ended the suspension period of the country. This is an important time for businesses to prepare to face if the translation comes back. However, it is not in the mood to close hibernation waiting to be translated as before, but rather to actively “live with floods”, ready to “go online” at any time.

Is online business a safe way for Vietnamese businesses before the upcoming Covid flood | Technology iced tea

To do this, businesses need to immediately equip themselves with the “weapons” of online sales, ensuring stable revenue even when the translation comes back, including:

A quality digital store – website

Where online customers can easily find and shop for any product / service anytime, anywhere, despite the physical barriers of the order of spacing and social isolation may occur again.

Dedicated 24/7 salesman – chatbot

Ensure that single-key counseling is always available 24/7, even if there is a shortage or staff downsizing if the outbreak reoccurs.

Multi-function management – CRM

Supporting businesses in handling all jobs: Secure and store customer data; Automatically assigning jobs to employees; Monitor and evaluate the results of remote work of employees if the status of working online at home.

Is your business ready to cope if Covid-19 breaks out again?

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