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Is it possible to delete photos on iPhone, but still keep them on iCloud?

Apple’s ecosystem has many devices, including iPod, iPad, Apple Watch, iPhone, MacBook, Apple TV … As we all know, all of these Apple devices use the same iCloud account. Therefore, the devices in the Apple ecosystem will be able to synchronize easily, especially photos and videos. As a result, users quickly adapt between smart devices in this ecosystem.

An overview of how iCloud works

However, users sometimes ask themselves: Is it possible to free up space on photos on iPhone, but what to do if I want to keep it on iCloud?

To answer the above question. First, you need to understand the difference between Photo Stream and photos in iCloud.

Photo Stream has stored 1,000 photos and videos or images for the past 30 days. These media files don’t take up space in iCloud, and you can quickly be shared with your friends. This service is only suitable for viewing pictures from recent events or events, but not for long-term photo storage.

Photos in iCloud allows you to store an unlimited number of photos and photos as part of iCloud storage. With each account, users will have 5GB on iCloud to use. This feature is suitable for long-term storage of Photos files and similar to other cloud services.

Disadvantages of iCloud photo service

Is it possible to delete photos on iPhone but still keep them on iCloud | Apps / Games

ICloud Photos Settings

First, storage optimization isn’t the most convenient feature. That is, you upload the original size images to iCloud and keep a low-quality copy in your iPhone.

If you have fast internet speed, after opening the photo in full screen, the photo is immediately downloaded from the cloud. In fact, things are not. Sometimes, you will run into problems with the network, connection, or not enough memory space on your iPhone to download original photos.

At that time, in your computer you will just be blurred or jagged photos, because they have not been downloaded to iPhone from iCloud.

Is it possible to delete photos on iPhone but still keep them on iCloud | Apps / Games

Store photos on iCloud

Second, the data storage on iCloud is the same as on all the devices connected to it. If you have an iPhone in hand, Apple encourages you to store full-size images (the original can be viewed at any time without having to download it) and on iCloud (sync enabled).

Suppose, you log into your account on the 2nd iPhone or other Apple mobile devices such as iPad, Macbook. You will have to save the originals of all photos on your devices and in the cloud. With the 3rd device, this becomes very “cumbersome”.

As a result, you find yourself in a situation where you need to buy more storage space in iCloud and all the devices like the iPhone and iPad you are using. If not, you will only be shown a low-quality copy of the image.

Is it possible to delete photos from iPhone, but still keep them in iCloud?

The answer is no.

Is it possible to delete photos on iPhone but still keep them on iCloud | Apps / Games

If you delete photos on your phone to free up storage, they’re automatically deleted from iCloud and on your other Apple devices as well. Users will have only 2 options: Either store the originals in the cloud and compress the quality of photos on the iPhone, or delete them from both platforms.

This is the downside of Apple’s proprietary cloud service.

You can cross the fence by disabling the sync service on your smartphone (Settings – Photos – iCloud Photos). As such, you can delete a photo from your iPhone and keep it in iCloud at the same time. However, this will not last long because when you turn on the sync function, all your efforts will be “work”.

Therefore, you will need to store photos on your iPhone and on iCloud and use additional third-party cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Photos, Flickr …

Is it possible to delete photos on iPhone but still keep them on iCloud | Apps / Games

Cloud storage services are popular today

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