Is Dragon Ball Super really attractive after the Arc Moro?

As we all know, a page in V-Jump magazine recently mentioned the title of Chapter 66 months later titled “Planet Moro and Son Goku! Battle! The battle finally reached its climax !! ” And then they mentioned that a story Dragon Ball Super new will be continued in chapter 67. This means that the fate of evil Moro will be decided in the next chapter.

However, the question that many fans of this series have is that after Arc Moro whether Dragon Ball Super is still attractive or not. The reason this story was brought about was because the boring old motips were repeated in Arc Moro.

The first is that the plot of Moro Arc has similarities with Cell Saga. Also a man who absorbs the energy of others to grow stronger, confronts Goku, gets eaten by Goku and recovers, then continues the drama Earth will explode if Goku kills Moro. And maybe the end of this Arc Moro will not be too strange at all. Goku will destroy Moro despite the earth exploding because simply having dragon ball in your hand will revive.

Is Dragon Ball Super really attractive after the Arc Moro | Manga/Film

The second thing is that the villain is too weak, or rather, not the strongest that Goku and earth warriors must find a way to defeat. This is because Dragon Ball Super currently appears more characters like Beerus or Whis, gods with superior strength than antagonists. If we read the previous parts of Dragon Ball, we must be thrilled, waiting for the arrival of Son Goku and a certain character who can stop Frieza, Cell or Piccolo. Then all readers must burst into joy of victory when Goku overcomes the limits and defeats these villains.

However, in Dragon Ball Super, the reason why Moro lives so long is because Beerus or Whis does not want to destroy this villain. Moro is alive because Beerus or Whis wants to test the power of Son Goku, how and how it is the ultimate version of the infinity. Therefore, many readers feel no suspense with the battle between Goku and Moro. Because why, it’s simple if Goku Unfortunately, Beerus or Whis will take care of everything.

Is Dragon Ball Super really attractive after the Arc Moro | Manga/Film

Above are the subjective opinions of the article’s author about the attraction of Dragon Ball Super whether it remains after Arc Moro. As for you, your thoughts on this, please leave your comments!

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