Is Apple impacting iPhone 11 sales when it releases the new iPhone SE?

With the iPhone SE 2020, Apple did exactly that. They launched a brand new iPhone, with one of the best mobile chipsets on the market, with a starting price of just $ 399. But here, we will not talk about the pros and cons of the iPhone SE.

Here, we ask the question: is Apple shooting itself when launching a phone that’s much cheaper than last year’s iPhone 11? People have been expecting an iPhone for a long time, haven’t Apple made the mistake of listening to consumers? Maybe not.

iPhone SE is a slap in the mid-range Android models

iPhone SE is very low price because Apple wants to separate it from other phones. The phone is like “kicking in a private yard”, and its purpose is to fill Apple in the playground with Android phones for about $ 400.

At first glance, SE is very different from mid-range Android phones. While Android rivals have bigger screens, bigger batteries, and 3 or 4-lens cameras, the SE can only compete with one thing no one else has: iOS .

With the exception of flagship models, Android phones have long been famous for being “marketed” by manufacturers when it comes to software updates. Apple does not have that situation, and the iPhone SE 2020 is likely to be updated to iOS 17, perhaps 18 more, in many years to come.

Besides, there are quite a few people who want to be part of the Apple ecosystem and are waiting for a good price device to do that. The Apple Watch alone is reason enough to make some people buy an iPhone.

The relatively low price of SE probably makes many people think “maybe give iOS a chance”. It’s like a door to lead Android users into Apple’s private garden.

The damage iPhone SE causes to Apple is only a fraction of the benefits it brings

Is Apple impacting iPhone 11 sales when it releases the new iPhone SE | Mobile

Of course, there will be people who accept buying a more expensive iPhone if the SE doesn’t exist. In this case, SE clearly cost Apple money. However, in the current context, many people decide to use their old iPhones longer, because they are not satisfied with the price of the new devices, with the design changes that Apple introduced, or some other factors. For them, this is the perfect opportunity to upgrade. Perhaps then they will continue between the new iPhone SE for a long time, but selling the device is still a victory in Apple’s dictionary.

We should also consider the smartphone market situation after the pandemic. With so many people unemployed and having to cut back on spending, a new iPhone SE is clearly better than a broken screen phone.

The SE is also a great “makeshift” phone. While the smartphone industry is moving towards 5G and other technologies like under-screen cameras, some users will want to watch before spending $ 1,000 on a new phone. If the forced situation makes them buy a new phone right away, why not buy an iPhone SE and spend some more time before swinging for a flagship device?

iPhone SE brings a different experience

Is Apple impacting iPhone 11 sales when it releases the new iPhone SE | Mobile

Although the SE uses Apple’s latest chip and runs the latest version of iOS, it’s still different enough in some ways. SE doesn’t have Face ID, there’s no telephoto camera, it’s super wide, and there’s no dark mode.

It still has all the important features an iPhone must have, which is why the SE is the perfect iPhone for those who don’t care about beards – for example, kids or the elderly. Most Apple services come with a family plan, so having one more member join the service, even on a low-cost device, is still a big advantage.

The iPhone SE is smaller than today’s popular phones – yet another plus for many people.

All of these differences lead us to the last point …

iPhone SE has its own appeal

Is Apple impacting iPhone 11 sales when it releases the new iPhone SE | Mobile

Like it or not, there are still a large number of people buying the latest iPhone just because it’s the latest iPhone. They don’t care about the configuration or price, they know it’s a phone to buy (according to Apple) and they buy it. Thanks to Apple’s marketing strategy, within a month after the latest iPhone launch, everyone will know what they look like, meaning everyone will know if the phone you hold in your hand is an iPhone. latest or not.

People often have a certain pride in using Apple’s latest and best iPhone, and the iPhone SE will never bring that pride. The SE is a cheap iPhone, and snobs will find ways to avoid being related to this phone. To them, SE probably didn’t exist.

In general, it is difficult to say that a phone about to succeed like the new iPhone SE will make Apple “more harmful than good”, or vice versa. Every new iPhone model will have a certain impact on sales of the remaining iPhone models, which is inevitable. But by the end of the day, the higher the sales, the more money goes into Apple pocket, and you don’t say that is not a benefit!

Reference: PhoneArena

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