Iron Man should have died a lot more pain in Endgame: Half of the mirror is completely deformed, not just a foggy mist like the release.

In the end of Avengers: Endgame, Tony Stark gave himself up for the whole universe, making a fateful snap to destroy the Thanos army. Because the power of the six infinity stones is too terrible, beyond the stamina of a normal person, Iron Man, even though he is still wearing his nano armor, cannot survive. Fans will never forget the image of our hero sitting there with a blank face, severe burns, smeared with mud mixed with blood, tears in his eyes but unable to speak at all because he was exhausted. strength.

However, few people know that there is a draft version for Iron Man’s sacrifice that is very different and somewhat more barbaric, at least in terms of image. Recently, Matt Aitken, a technical supervisor at Weta Digital, suddenly revealed that the infamous snap of his finger should have caused Tony Stark to be seriously burned, ruining almost half of his face, like as the villain Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight so.

Iron Man should have been burnt so badly that his face was half deformed after performing a snap of his hand, not mist like the premiere.

Matt said: “We made a lot of different choices when designing images for this scene. In it, there is a pretty scary plan: Iron Man’s face is burnt, making his eyes bulge outward. But in the end, they (Marvel Studios) did not choose this option”.

Tricky team for End game Marvel Studios has partnered with including Industrial Light and Magic (ILM), Marvel and Weta Digital. Their mission in the final scene of Iron Man is to design a lot of different images and options and send them to the director Russo for approval. Accordingly, Tony Stark’s face must be balanced between two factors: Looking at the audience, he immediately saw that he was in critical condition, which would surely be sacrificed; But it must not be too scary, because there are many children watching this movie.

Iron Man should have died a lot more pain in Endgame Half of the mirror is completely deformed not just a foggy mist like the release | Live

Iron Man’s face may have been seriously damaged to this extent (pictured as the villain Harvey Dent of The Dark Knight).

VFX Marvel producer Jen Underdahl said: “In any post-production phase, we want to make as many options as possible, whether it’s just designing the mist or thrusting the elements into the image (even though it won’t be aired on it). Marvel movies). But this is a very good practice, allowing the director team to have a more multi-dimensional, more comprehensive view, from which to choose the most optimal plan.”.

For the death of Tony Stark, we staged burns on our faces to varying degrees. What the audience sees on screen is the best option, it’s not so scary, but it’s enough for people to understand that Tony is about to leave, can’t be helped anymore.”.

Iron Man should have died a lot more pain in Endgame Half of the mirror is completely deformed not just a foggy mist like the release | Live

If you like Thanos and Hulk snaps his fingers, this pathetic person is like Iron Man.

Previously, Marvel also fired a hint to show the audience the power of the six infinity stones that can destroy the bodies of individuals in the universe, with two good examples: Thanos and Hulk. Both of these two characters possess a muscular body and extraordinary muscular strength, but still burns the whole arm after finishing the snap. The Smart Hulk even could not stand the heat, fell back and lay on the floor.

So how can a man like Tony Stark, even if he has the Iron Man armor protected, be able to overcome the destructive power of this snap. And the option of half his face completely burnt would be more reasonable than what we see in the official release.

Jen said: “In the horror design version, we transformed Iron Man’s face into 2 different halves. With half burnt, the audience can even see the character’s internal muscles and teeth. But this is a bit too much for a Marvel movie, and a global blockbuster like Endgame. Therefore, we chose the safe option in between the two extremes of frost mist – absolute burn for the premiere. Moreover, this is a very emotional scene, we think Tony’s deformed face will ruin the emotional circuit of the film at that time.”.

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