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iRender – A story about a small technology company with rendering solutions in the field of graphics

The rise of GPU and Render story in graphics

In October 2020, a time when the world is seething with the iPhone 12 and how the lack of headphones and chargers affects, PC enthusiasts are fighting online about when the RTX 3000 will be. NVIDIA only has stock to buy.

Nvidia’s new RTX 3080 graphics card was officially on sale at the time, but it seems that this new $ 699 GPU has sold out everywhere. At e-commerce sites like Amazon, Newegg, Best Buy, or even Nvidia’s own website, all of them are out of stock within minutes.

Going back in history, GPUs have achieved a remarkable development over the past 10 years, far more than conventional processors like Intel or AMD CPUs. The CPU cannot solve all problems for each product. The CPU will fall into a passive position in some highly complex algorithms.

If you work in the field of graphics, for example animator, architect, game trailer, or edit video …, the concept of Render is nothing strange. Render – Render graphics – is the last step in the graphics process, creating visual images for the viewer. Thanks to its design for multi-threaded, parallel and high-speed information processing, each GPU will be more specialized, capable of solving complex algorithms that the CPU can’t do. In addition to speed, complexity, and flexibility, the quality of graphics rendered by GPUs is far above those of CPU rendered products.

In other words, GPU rendering is definitely the future of design!

Cloud Rendering – The old saas solution has revealed many limitations

Technically, rendering is the most efficient part of a graphics project that requires the highest computational performance. To meet the required rendering performance, a graphics studio often has to mobilize a large amount of machine resources, which is not easy, because of the cost and efficiency problems involved.

Cloud computing has brought many solutions to the render problem Large capacity, based on the available infrastructure is a supplier farm of hundreds to thousands of CPUs, GPU parallel computation, the result is superior computational performance compared to machines Single.

The most popular solution for rendering farm performance today is a service in the form of software SaaS (Software as a Service) – users interact through an application (app) or a web application (web-app), download project to the provider’s server for rendering – called Cloud Rendring. Cloud Rendering process is done automatically and charged by render time, without incurring hidden costs, this is a typical form of Pay – per – Use of cloud services.

There are many computer technology names in the world that provide Cloud rendering services for artists to choose from, for example Fox RenderFarm (China), RebusFarm (USA), or GarageFarm (Korea), .., iRender Vietnam is a name from Vietnam has also participated This global race.

While a powerful solution, Cloud Rendering in the SaaS form is slowly revealing its limitations. Can not support different operating systems, different graphics software, different versions (versions) of the software, … Customers have difficulty controlling the render time, passively because they have to queue at the same time. with other customers .. There are many limitations of the SaaS solution that the main reason comes from the customer has to depend on the distribution of projects to Render farm through Farm manager – infrastructure management tools. of the provider.

Demand comes from within the country

iRender Vietnam is a technology company providing a group of rendering solutions in the field of graphics

Unlike the “lots of money” studios in the world, in order to solve big projects, Vietnamese 3D artists often have to make the opposite choice: instead of expanding the technical limits to unleash their creativity have limited creativity to match the power of available machines. Graphics products, so they are struggling forever and cannot give customers a feeling of satisfaction.

Some tech startups have tried to launch Render Farm service in Vietnam, but the results have not been bright. To build the infrastructure of hundreds of CPUs, the GPU for Render Farm needs a large amount of capital, not to mention the cost to research and develop the above service virtualization solution. In the technology field, apart from a good idea, the potential of a startup in general is assessed on the basis of MVP (Minimum Viable Product – a minimum viable product). As long as the startup cannot create products at MVP level, it will be relatively difficult to raise capital. That is also the reason many ideas can be good, but not enough opportunities to achieve any concrete achievement.

iRender Vietnam is probably a lucky startup, as the founding shareholders of this company decided to put their trust with just one idea and a product development team. There are shareholders who have established a reputation with cult startups, there are shareholders who do not understand technology, but strongly believe in the market perception of iRender Founder – Le Quang Hieu. In particular, there are shareholders who decide to invest as soon as they see the intensity of “crazy” work as a “special team” of iRender technical team – continuously for many months, regardless of the date. weekend or public holiday.

The results of this investment process have yielded a very satisfactory result: a complete computing solution on the physical infrastructure of powerful, synchronous and stable machines.

IRender’s IaaS solution is completely different

The name iRender has just appeared in the market immediately competing with the long-standing Render Farm names in the world.

Most notably, this Vietnamese startup provides its customers with a very unique rendering solution that is completely different from the old solution: giving customers full rights to set up and directly control physical infrastructure. management has the right configuration for your job. The artists choose a machine configuration to suit the design needs and requirements of the graphic software, and then have full control over the machine remotely via their own personal computer. For example, iRender has rented 5 GPU rigs to a Vietnamese game design team, each using 6 RTX 2080Ti cards, 11GB of NVIDIA’s vRAM cards, for the rendering of their 15 minutes of game trailer, with the software used. Use Cinema 4D and Autodesk 3dsmax, render on Vray.

To make it easy to understand, this is a hardware service – IaaS (Infrastructure as a Services), not a software service – SaaS (Software as a Service). This solution gives the user full control over the processing performance they hire, not queuing like on a Render farm. The artist will interact directly with the equipment, avoiding unnecessary delays in project processing, the risks of managing progress and quality of work are much less than depending on Partner support services provided. No other company providing Cloud Rendering service in the world provides such a Render solution in IaaS format.

iRender A story about a small technology company with rendering solutions in the field of graphics | Tech ice tea

IRender GPUHUB is a superior solution to many old generation SaaS solutions from Render Farms around the world.

All is just the beginning

Up to this point, iRender is probably the pioneer technology company that is participating in the cloud computing service playground for the 3D graphics sector of Vietnam. And for Nguyen Thanh Trung – CEO of iRender, Render Farm service is just the starting point. “Next will be AI, because the process of Machine Learning in AI also requires huge computational performance, and there is a complete cloud solution in the same way,” he said. we have applied for “render”.

“I am mindful, try to do ordinary things in an unusual way, not do unusual things in the usual way. That’s why I don’t set super huge goals at all.” – Nguyen Thanh Trung – CEO of iRender Vietnam.

iRender A story about a small technology company with rendering solutions in the field of graphics | Tech ice tea

However, in the short term, iRender will continue to solve an equally big problem: this startup is aiming to transform itself into a platform to connect and share computer performance for the market with the idea of model of Uber – a prime example of a sharing platform. If successful to that stage, iRender will solve the problem of not having to invest a lot of capital to build Render Farm and still be able to afford the performance to supply the world market.

As the Cloud Computing market becomes popular globally with a market share of hundreds of billions of dollars each year, any business can see a lot of opportunities. However, obvious opportunities will of course be for big players with the availability of financial potential and special competitive advantage, such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft …

“In the majority of public cloud services from basic to advanced, to really get into the playing field with the big guys, you have to find a niche and outperform them at least 10 times”. CEO iRender’s share is the suggestion for Vietnamese technology startups to participate in the global cloud computing game.

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