iPhone Lock suddenly revived after nearly 1 year of ‘covering projection’

In July 2019, the iPhone Lock community in Vietnam received bad news, when their iPhone Lock could no longer be activated.

Specifically, the paired SIM cards, which are also inseparable from iPhone Lock, were locked by Apple. Although not long after that, some Chinese manufacturers developed another pair of SIM cards, but they did not bring the necessary stability and caused iPhone Lock to encounter many errors such as miss calls. , cannot activate iMessage / FaceTime or cannot use the personal access point feature.

The concatenated SIM was locked by Apple in July 2019

It seems that iPhone Lock has forever gone into the golden, then after 8 months of waiting, iPhone Lock has suddenly revived this afternoon (March 11, 2020). With the new ICCID code (namely 89014103270421600735, if you know how to use them), iPhone Lock should work perfectly like an international device.

We are not exaggerating when using the word “perfect”. Through experimenting with an iPhone 11 version of Lock, all features of iPhone Lock from calling, messaging, mobile data, iMessage / FaceTime activation, personal hotspot or USSD Code (* 101 #) … just like the international machine. In particular, the situation of missed calls, which is also the “most difficult” problem of iPhone Lock, has been completely solved.

iPhone Lock suddenly revived after nearly 1 year of covering projection | Mobile

The new ICCID code helps make iPhone Lock work as internationally as possible

The only minus is that in order to pair the SIM successfully, users will need to upgrade to the latest version of iOS at the present time is iOS 13.3.1.

Although revived at the present time, but the future of iPhone Lock is still considered not very bright. Because Apple can completely fix this flaw at any time, similar to what it did last year.

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