iPhone delayed: Bad news for fans, too good news for Apple and Wall Street

By the end of the second quarter of 2020, Apple had done something unbelievable: increasing sales to a record while struggling to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic and ethnic riots in the United States. But Apple’s victory is somewhat incomplete: as confirmed by Tim Cook and CFO Lucas Maestri, this year’s iPhone release date will be pushed back “weeks.”

For iFan, this announcement will certainly be disappointing. The premium iPhone design has been reused by Apple for the past 3 years, from iPhone X to XS and then to iPhone 11 Pro. In fact, Apple’s latest design is a “second-class” product: the iPhone XR, which is a combination of the iPhone X “front” and the back cover of the iPhone 8.

But for Apple, this delay can be an extremely wise attempt of “old fox” Tim Cook.

3 years ago, the “late” launch of the iPhone X also made fans nervous because of shortage of goods.

Want to know why, look back at the story of iPhone X 3 years ago. At this point, the wait for the new iPhone design is also peaking when Apple has reused the design of the iPhone 6 to both iPhone 6s and iPhone 7. 2017 also marked the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, making iFan all over the world are eagerly awaiting something special.

That September, the iPhone X appeared with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. But the wait of the iFan has not stopped: not on the shelves of the 2-week schedule as every year, the iPhone celebrating 10 years must wait until November to reach users. In the press, the “analysts” in turn posted that Apple is having supply chain problems when it can not order Face ID, which is the biggest change for the new iOS experience.

On November 3, around the world, iFans lined up for iPhone X. The worry of shortage reached its peak, but only three weeks later, the iPhone X was widely available across the Apple system. Global Store. Inexplicably, despite the “supply chain problem”, the iPhone X is still very timely to fully meet the rising shopping needs right before Thanksgiving and Black Friday …

iPhone delayed Bad news for fans too good news for Apple and Wall Street | Phone

The result: A late launch date has turned the iPhone X into one of the hottest iPhones in history.

Even more ironic, Apple’s homepage almost never falls short of stock. Statistics released by Canalys show that, in the fourth quarter of 2017, Apple sold 29 million iPhone X models. A thousand-dollar smartphone, delayed launch and “out of stock”, still only takes 2 months to easily taking over the global # 1 spot for the whole month.

A similar scenario is repeating this year. The iFan is anxiously awaiting a new design. An entirely new iPhone is on the way, but won’t be available soon.

The only difference is that this time, Apple has to fight Covid-19, not just a “supply chain problem” as vague as before. But, take a closer look: if Apple really has a problem with the supply chain, why did iPhone shipments in the first quarter only decrease by 5% and even increase by 25% in the second quarter? It is clear that Tim Cook and his lieutenants have controlled the effects of Covid-19. Despite the adversity, Apple has more than enough capacity to produce enough iPhone 12 for the upcoming shopping season.

iPhone delayed Bad news for fans too good news for Apple and Wall Street | Phone

Late launch because it’s difficult, or late launch to make iFan more impatient?

Therefore, Tim Cook will not worry about shortage of goods, but only have to solve a more difficult problem: how users are crazy about iPhone 12? How can that attraction reach its peak at a time when shopping power of users is booming, quenching thirst for Covid-19 and catching up with the most important shopping season of the year?

The solution was three years ago, and this time, the “old” Apple CEO knew what to do. iPhone 12 will launch late, but late according to CooK’s calculations: how well the iPhone 12 will sell well, how well Apple will also reach the $ 2 trillion mark!

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