iPhone 12 Lock can not work in Vietnam

Network locked iPhone, also known as iPhone Lock, is a relatively popular model in Vietnam. These machines were originally born to work with a single carrier (usually the US / Japan), but can be used in Vietnam thanks to the support of a dual SIM.

iPhone Lock is imported to Vietnam and sold at a much cheaper price than international devices, the difference can be up to millions of dong. However, except for having to insert a paired SIM and unable to use an eSIM, the experience of using iPhone Lock is basically no different from the international iPhone.

SIM pair is a tool to help iPhone Lock be used in Vietnam

However, users’ hopes for the cheap iPhone 12 Lock are most likely extinguished. Initial reports show that the paired SIM proved “powerless” with the iPhone 12 Lock and cannot be activated on the home screen.

Can’t activate iPhone 12 with a paired SIM (Video: Nguyen Trung Hieu / iPhone Lock Community Vietnam)

Specifically, according to a video shared by an administrator on the group Vietnam iPhone Lock Community, iPhone 12 Lock after SIM pairing will immediately report an error, asking to connect to a PC or Mac running iTunes. This message does not appear on older iPhone models.

iPhone 12 Lock can not work in Vietnam | Mobile

iPhone 12 Lock error when SIM pairing

Currently, because the number of iPhone 12 Lock in Vietnam can be counted on the tip of the finger, so many people have not tried to pair SIM with this model. However, this is clearly not a positive signal for followers of iPhone Lock. Some users have predicted that the iPhone 12’s 5G network support makes the old paired SIM no longer compatible, forcing manufacturers of SIM cards (from China) to develop a different type of SIM.

Before that, some stores offered iPhone 12 Pro Lock for about 27-28 million dong, 7 million dong cheaper than the international version. However, because the majority of first-time iPhone buyers are very “willing to spend” and buy the international version, so many merchants have not considered importing this Lock item to Vietnam.

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