iOS is ‘really good’, but still far behind Android in these 7 features

The battle for the throne in the mobile world between Android and iOS has been ongoing for many years, and there is no sign of stopping. Each of these platforms has its own good and bad points, depending on the needs and personal preferences that users can make the choice that suits them best.

With Android, fans can be proud of the ability to multitask, extremely diverse and easy customization, accompanied by a powerful virtual assistant Google Assistant. iOS certainly has a lot of great features in both design and features, but to become the best operating system in the world, it still lags behind Android in many aspects, especially the 7 features below. here.

Before going into details, to avoid the iFan siblings who think we are biased Android, please invite everyone to review this paragraph. These are the 8 most unique features on iOS that specialize in Android – Android Authority, have been all praise. Well, last week we had a good chance, this week we have a look to see if our rival has nothing good but many people believe in.

Android allows users to install any application they like, not necessarily using Google’s homegrown goods.

For years, iOS fans have been hoping Apple can allow them to set up Gmail as their default email client on their devices. Although it is true that you can delete Apple apps, you are not allowed to choose another app as the default instead.

With Android, the exact opposite. You can freely install Firefox or Opera as the default web browser on your phone, instead of having to use Chrome – “child” of Google. This operation is also extremely simple and clear: Open Settings> Apps & notifications> Default apps. Here, you can check which applications are installed by default, and optionally change according to your habits and uses.

Compared to Google Assistant, Siri is just like a babbling child who talks, doesn’t understand life.

iOS is really good but still far behind Android in these 7 features | Live

For many years now, the Google Assistant has received many powerful improvements to become smarter and more productive thanks to Google’s massive database. Compared to Assistant, the Apple Siri is just a child with limited knowledge and functions.

Google Assistant can understand basic, common requests about organizations, companies, and places, and often gives very accurate answers. In addition, thanks to taking advantage of Google Search, the information this virtual assistant provides is also much more detailed and high quality than Siri.

Besides, Google Assistant also integrates strongly and other functions on the phone to help you easily manage your schedule and schedule. It can remind you of school hours, work hours, meeting times, give warnings about traffic conditions, which streets may be congested during rush hour. If you own a Google Home or Nest Home smart speaker, or any other brand-compatible device, you can use Assistant to remotely control other smart home devices like lights, control switch or air conditioner.

Finally, this virtual assistant is integrated directly into your device, and easily activated with two commands “OK, Google” or “Hey Google”. Alternatively, you can also use “OK, Google, What can you do?” To access the Assistant function list. Of course, iPhone users can also download the Google app to experience Assistant. However, as stated in Article 1, they will not be able to install it as the default virtual assistant instead of Siri.

Android is a multitasking master thanks to its split screen mode, allowing two apps to be used in parallel.

iOS is really good but still far behind Android in these 7 features | Live

Although iPadOS 13 supports the ability to use multiple apps at the same time, this still seems to be a luxury desire for iOS 13 and iPhone users. But Android smartphones have been able to split screens since 2016 with Android 7.0 Nougat.

Needless to say, we can also imagine how convenient and useful the two applications can be used in parallel. The simplest example is when you need to find contacts in your phonebook to send to someone on Facebook Messenger, or search online documents to attach to an unfinished email. It is unclear why until now, Apple has not implemented this great feature, possibly because the iPhone screen is quite small if iPad and many other Android smartphones.

Although each phone company has a way to activate the 2-screen mode slightly differently, but in general you can easily adjust the size ratio between these two screens; open and close other applications during use.

Creativity indefinitely thanks to the ability to customize diverse homescreen.

iOS is really good but still far behind Android in these 7 features | Live

The solution for Apple’s homescreen is to spread all the applications in the machine to a rigid grid system, every 1 page is turned to the next page. Most Android devices give you both a home screen and an app drawer, which helps you organize your apps more flexibly, without following any rules. Of course, both of these operating systems allow users to create application groups for it neatly, avoiding the situation of downloading too many apps and messing up the blindness when they want to use it.

Android’s problem-solving solution makes it easy to customize your homescreen to your liking. At the same time, the platform also supports a variety of widget sizes (small applications on the main Launcher screen).

Customize your phone to a new level thanks to Launchers.

iOS is really good but still far behind Android in these 7 features | Live

Launcher is considered as the most easily understood icon of the ability to customize the hegemony of Android. They will completely change the way you interact with the homescreen, app drawer and even the app icons on your phone. Using a launcher on Android phones allows you to customize almost every aspect of your device, from the interface to the usage habits to make it more unique.

Launcher like Nova Launcher, Microsoft Launcher, Apex Launcher and Action Launcher all provide powerful customizations for Android devices. For example, Evie – another popular launcher, focuses on leveraging the search bar to quickly locate and open the app you need. This is the pinnacle of minimalism – the design trend for many years now.

I personally recommend that you take some time to research, experience the different types of launchers to find the option that suits you best. But here’s the caveat: Once you’ve tried it, it’s easy to get “addicted” and burn a lot of your time editing the phone interface.

This is the proudest point of Android, which is why iOS wants to reach the top of its glory for many years and still cannot.

The wallpaper is constantly changing, so how can users not be fascinated.

iOS is really good but still far behind Android in these 7 features | Live

If you feel that each launcher experience is very time consuming, here, please download the Google Wallpaper app to keep your smartphone fresh. Basically, this app will automatically change the wallpaper on the home screen and lock screen every day. You will not have to do anything, just wake up and you will immediately see your “mobile phone” in a new look. Besides, Wallpaper also provides a lot of styles, textures, different colors for you to freely choose. It will then rely on it to come up with the wallpaper that best suits you.

Comfortable messaging while watching videos without having to split-screen.

iOS is really good but still far behind Android in these 7 features | Live

When you are using Google Maps on Android and have to exit to reply to the message, you will still see the application window in the corner of the phone screen. That’s because Android has updated picture-in-picture mode in Oreo version in 2017. This mode can be applied to other video apps as well.

For example, when you are watching YouTube, suddenly you want to find entertainment memes on Reddit, instead of splitting the screen, you can put the video down the corner of the screen and surf Reddit normally. When you want to return to the video mode full screen, you just need to touch its thumbnail image is done.

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