iOS 14 makes using the iPhone camera faster and easier

If you’ve been using the beta version of iOS, then you probably already know this new operating system has quite a lot of cool features, including widgets on the home screen, watching videos in pop-up mode (picture -in-picture), translation application, and more. With the camera application, Apple also offers new tools and improvements. Normally, new camera features only appear when a new iPhone is launched, but Apple can still add additional functions through software updates.

New features this time allow you to take photos faster and control exposure more easily. They also help you take less shaky photos in Night Mode. All of these improvements make using the Camera app easier.

While it’s worth the wait, you should not download the iOS 14 public beta just to experience them, especially on your main iPhone. Because it is a beta version, errors during use are inevitable; Even if unlucky, some of your favorite applications do not work anymore!

Below are details of new features of camear on iOS 14.

More instructions when shooting in Night Mode

If you want to take good photos in low light, you have to keep your phone in hand as much as possible. On iOS 14, the system will display instructions to help you keep your phone still when taking Night Mode photos without any fulcrum.

If you move your iPhone too much, a pair of lines of sight (one yellow and one white) will appear on the screen. Now you can adjust the way the iPhone is held until the two lines of sight meet. As a result, the camera will be less shaky and can produce sharper images.

If you find the guide mode when shooting in Night Mode to be familiar, then it should be revealed that it is similar to the line of sight shown when you take top-down photos.

iOS 14 makes using the iPhone camera faster and easier | Mobile

Flip selfie photo

When you take a selfie, the iPhone will reverse the image so that details like the text in the photo are readable. But if you like selfies that look like mirror images, then iOS 14 will help you. From now on you will be able to take a picture with the details in the image reversed. If there is text on the T-shirt, it will appear in reverse as if you were looking into a mirror.

Android phones like Huawei’s have had this feature to flip selfies for a long time, but on iPhones, you have to Settings> Camera> under Composition, activate Mirror Front Camera.

Interestingly, this feature works with both photos and videos. However, it should be noted that the live preview image on the screen is not reversed. So if you want to use the selfie camera for makeup, you’ll see the image reversed until you press the shutter button or record a video.

iOS 14 makes using the iPhone camera faster and easier | Mobile

Adjustment bar in Camera app

Adjusting the brightness of a photo when taking photos on iOS 13 is a bit annoying, because the focus and exposure are locked together in a small yellow box that appears when you touch the screen. That yellow square is called the “AF / AE box”.

If you want to overwrite and change the exposure, touch the brightness icon to the right of the AF / AE box and drag the icon on the screen up or down. Very difficult to do, because the icon is too small.

On iOS 14, a newly added exposure compensation bar takes care of all the annoyances and makes it easier to adjust the brightness of a photo. When you open the camera toolbar directly above the shutter button, you will see a new exposure compensation icon – a circle with (+) and (-) in the middle. Touch that icon to open the adjustment bar. Then swipe the left or right bright bar to increase or decrease the exposure. Apple even shows the exposure value in numbers, just like on a mirrorless or DSLR camera.

When the exposure bar is opened, a small metering spot will appear in the upper left corner of the screen. When you make adjustments, you can see how the brightness changes. If you touch that small metering point, it will also display the EV number.

Continuous shooting speed on iOS 13 and iOS 14

Continuous shooting performance is faster

Another interesting improvement is the ability to take continuous pictures faster. When you’re not in Burst mode, iOS 14 reduces the delay between pressing the shutter button, allowing you to take the next photo instantly. You can see this clearly in the comparison below, with iOS 13 on the left and iOS 14 on the right: iOS 14 is significantly faster.

On the iOS 14 beta, this feature was enabled by default, but if you’ve turned it off and need to reactivate, go to Settings> Camera> Prioritize Faster Shooting.

iOS 14 makes using the iPhone camera faster and easier | Mobile

iOS 14 lets you use the volume up button to take continuous shots

Currently on iOS 13, when you press and hold one of the two volume buttons, the camera will record a short video called Quick Take. iPhone will spin until you take your finger off the button.

On iOS 14, you can assign volume up buttons for continuous shooting. As long as you keep pressing the volume up button, the series of pictures will continue to be taken.

To enable this feature, go to Settings> Camera> activate Use Volume Up for Burst.

Reference: CNET

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