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iOS 14 helps users avoid being cheated when buying old iPhones

In addition to the major interface changes, iOS 14 also adds a lot of small useful features for users. Among them, there is a feature that we think is very useful for the relatively “mocking” iPhone market in Vietnam: distinguishing iPhone Lock and iPhone International.

iPhone Lock is a network locked iPhone, born just to work with a single network in the world. In the Vietnamese market, iPhone Lock is imported and sold at significantly cheaper prices than international iPhones, thereby attracting much attention.

However, some guys have taken advantage of this to create fake iPhone Lock internationally. Specifically, these iPhone Lock are SIM-paired, and users only need to plug in the main SIM to be able to use. This makes some people mistakenly think that this is an international iPhone, then spend some money on an international iPhone but actually receive an iPhone Lock. In addition, these SIM-card iPhones are due to internal hardware interference, so the quality is not guaranteed.

An iPhone with a “suspended” SIM card

On iOS 14, Apple added a feature that allows users to quickly check if their iPhone is an “authentic” international device.

Specifically, users will go to Settings> General settings> About and scroll down to the “Supplier lock” section.

– If the words “SIM locked” with the notice “This device may only be used with the original supplier and / or may be limited to certain features.” is synonymous with an iPhone Lock.

iOS 14 helps users avoid being cheated when buying old iPhones | Gaming Gear

– If the words “No SIM limit” appears, it is an international iPhone.

As such, this is a pretty useful tip that iPhone testers can keep in mind when choosing to buy a used device.

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