‘Inviting’ destroying 5G broadcast column because COVID-19, Irish and New Zealand people mistakenly burned the 4G broadcast column.

As the COVID-19 epidemic is still spreading around the world, the ‘5G cause COVID-19’ conspiracy theory that spreads on the Internet triggered a wave of sabotage of telecommunications poles in the West. After 20 5G broadcast columns were burned in the UK, other countries such as the Netherlands, Ireland or New Zealand recorded similar sabotage incidents.

Video: A 5G broadcast column burned in the Netherlands

According to extremists’ arguments, COVID-19 comes from Wuhan because the city has recently deployed 5G networks and is spreading to other cities – which are also using 5G. Other conspiracy theories suggest that the 5G network emits radiation that weakens the immune system, making people more susceptible to viruses. Such fake news has further sparked the outrage of a part of the public that has been opposed to 5G for the past few years, on the grounds that 5G is harmful to human health compared to 4G.

Ironically, there are many 4G columns that are … “victims” burned by people who oppose 5G technology.

According to Vice, 5G protesters in Ireland burned two mobile towers of Eir operator in the northwestern region of the country last Sunday. Eir’s representative later confirmed that this was essentially 4G broadcast columns.

Many 4G broadcasting columns have been ‘unjustly burned’ by extremists.

In New Zealand, extremists also vandalized a 4G broadcast post in the Waiharara area in late March. Worth mentioning, this broadcast column belongs to the Rural Airband Initiative campaign – a cooperation program between Microsoft and local Internet providers to maximize the wireless Internet speed in remote rural areas.

Most recently, a video posted on Facebook showed a man on the outskirts of Auckland (New Zealand) sprinkled gasoline on a telecom cable of a mobile broadcast station. The video also shows another man repeatedly cursing, calling 5G a ‘damn technology’ before they both left the scene. Police later confirmed the video involved in a teleportation arson on April 5.

 Inviting destroying 5G broadcast column because COVID 19 Irish and New Zealand people mistakenly burned the 4G broadcast column | Internet

The bombardment of telecom poles is taking place more in some Western countries

In the face of the wave of burning pillars that are happening in some countries, some social networks have taken drastic actions to eliminate the ‘5G theory that causes COVID-19’. Facebook recently deleted a group of people protesting against 5G technology in the UK called Stop5GUK (Stopping 5G in the United Kingdom), with about 10,000 active members. Earlier, YouTube also removed a number of videos with conspiracy theories that claimed 5G wave was the cause of COVID-19.

However, despite the efforts of governments, some famous actors John Cusack, Woody Harrelson and rapper MIA continue to publish articles that mention the relationship between 5G and COVID- 19. However, these artists did not provide any scientific evidence to support the relationship.

Refer to Vice

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