Invite you to see the ceramic artist himself destroy his products in very creative ways, nothing special but eye-catching.

Eric Landon is a Danish-American Danish pottery designer and co-founder of his brother Tortus Copenhagen studio. This is the place to help him unleash his creative mind of exquisite and diverse pottery works in both shapes and colors. In addition, this studio regularly organizes art exhibitions with a series of works by the Eric brothers and sisters, workshops to share pottery industry with people who have the same passion and of course. is to have a product business for anyone interested.

Eric Landon is an experienced ceramic artist who now owns a separate studio in Denmark to display his works, and also share his experience with other like-minded people.

In addition, Eric also regularly travels around the world and personally holds workshops abroad for his craft skills. Here, he often shares about the steps of making pottery from the idea-making process, to techniques to avoid crushing the clay. Such workshops often stop at the complete shaping step, but can not be put in the furnace to produce the final product.

This means that Eric, like the students, will not be able to bring his products home after every workshop, because they are still wet clay and can be crushed at any time in the process. submission process. So, our designer guy came up with the idea to destroy them in the most unique and creative ways, mostly for fun.

Unable to bring the products made in the workshop class home, Eric decided to demolish them in creative and very eye-catching ways.

Sometimes he uses a string to cut his clay pot and his students, sometimes using his fingers to deflect it to the extreme. Whenever he was in high spirits, he suddenly used his hands, or even used his mouth to squeeze or smash them.

For an artist, every work they create has a certain value, causing them to lift like eggs and absolutely do not allow any problems to happen to them. However, Eric argues that destroying unfinished pottery in his workshops has a positive effect, as if it were a professional psychological measure. This method gives him a sense of relief, like when we’re willing to let go of the small but important things for ourselves.

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