Inuyasha’s Story: After the creation of ‘descendants’ was revealed, Sesshoumaru’s wife was ‘known’ around the demon world.

Inuyasha is a popular comic series with hundreds of thousands of titles sold. And after a long time, the producer has released a new part of the anime Inuyasha Hanyou no Yasha-hime (roughly translated: Ban Yeu Da Xoa Co) made the fans extremely excited.

It is known that Hanyou no Yasha-hime is the story of your children’s lives Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru. The main characters of the film are the three girls Moroha, Towa and Setsuna. In it, Moroha has been confirmed as the daughter of Inuyasha and Kagome, and Towa and Setsuna are twins of Sesshoumaru.

In addition to the revealed content, it still contains many mysteries, especially Setsuna and Towa’s mother, because the manufacturer did not mention this in the profile of the two sisters.

And recently Towa and Setsuna’s Visual Key has finally been revealed, leaving the fans restless. Perhaps the demon wife of Sesshoumaru is about to be revealed.

1. Notice via live stream

This news came through a scene streamed from the Sunrise studio team, who was responsible for the animated film Yashahime Princess Half-Demon as they once again presented the most memorable scenes in the series. Inuyasha !

During this livestream, the show was hosted by the people in charge of voicing Sesshoumaru and Rin, and they shared the best scenes involving these two characters based on the choices of fans. surname.

2. Towa new design

Inuyasha s Story After the creation of descendants was revealed Sesshoumaru s wife was known around the demon world | Manga/Film

The new design of Towa Higurashi – the main character in the new story section of Inuyasha has been revealed in the highlighted version. We can all see Towa is quite masculine but his face still does not lose his beautiful femininity.

Her white hair was a bit red, making her stand out just like her father. It seems Towa bears many similarities of Sesshoumaru. However, it is worth noting that Towa’s dress style looks quite modern and trendy.

3. Setsuna’s new design

Inuyasha s Story After the creation of descendants was revealed Sesshoumaru s wife was known around the demon world | Manga/Film

Despite being twins, Setsuna’s appearance is completely different from Towa. She has a more human-like appearance with long black hair and also has red accents.

And the interesting thing here is Setsuna is wearing a fur coat over his body just like Sesshoumaru. Although she herself was wearing an outfit that looked similar to the uniform Sango used when hunting demons.

4. Sesshoumaru’s wife is “called” by Rin

Inuyasha s Story After the creation of descendants was revealed Sesshoumaru s wife was known around the demon world | Manga/Film

As we have seen, the designs of Towa and Setsuma have many similarities with Sesshoumaru. However, these two people are completely different and it seems that these are the blends of their mother. With these two designs, many have speculated that Towa’s mother and Setsuma’s mother was Rin.

As we all know in the original version, Sesshomaru was initially disgusted by the Shogun and even wanted to kill him to assert his demonic status. Because he did not accept that his father was in love with a human girl, creating an offspring with inferior bloodline.

But fate pushed Sesshomaru into the circumstances of the old Shogun when he saved the orphan Rin’s life. Rin became an important part of his life. Sesshomaru can treat others badly, but Rin is the exception.

In the last arc of the manga Inuyasha, he is ready to oppose his biological mother because he wants to save Rin. He acted like his father again, throwing away his pride and pride. At the end of the war, Sesshomaru left Rin in Kikyo’s old village and came to visit occasionally. Every time he met Rin, he would give her precious kimono.

Could any history repeat after Inuyasha In the end, Sesshoumaru and Rin’s relationship developed. When she grew up, Sesshomaru was “moved” before her and the two became married.

Curious, right? I don’t know if the above thought is correct, so let’s wait until the official story is released to know exactly.

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