Interview with CEO of Bizfly Martech & Salestech Nguyen Thuy Dung: “Passion for difficult problems can make a market-leading product.”

After 15 years of working at VCCorp, belonging to the first generation of young leaders, Ms. Nguyen Thuy Dung has been behind the success of leading technology products in different fields: Mobile services (first) number 8×01), content services (Soha Movies), games (SohaGame), social networks (Lotus), digital conversion services (Bizfly Martech & Salestech)

Loved the technology business from a very young age, aspired to solve difficult problems, conquered millions of users, and proud to be the one who “finds happiness in the busyness and excitement that work brings.” “, helped Ms. Nguyen Thuy Dung shine in the company of many excellent technology experts. With the event that VCCorp started participating in the digital transformation service race, which is being compared to a “global wave”, Ms. Dung continues to take on the role of CEO of Bizfly Martech & Salestech. Interesting stories associated with the “young” brand less than 2 years old Bizfly and her views on “technological women” are shared by her.

As a rare female leader of VCCorp, having experience in management positions of many leading multi-field technology products in the market, what has helped you to achieve such impressive achievements?

VCCorp started as a technology company, so a team of good technical experts, such as Mr. Nguyen Viet Hung (CEO of Bizfly Cloud) is not lacking. However, persuading about what is good and beautiful about a product requires completely different abilities. I find myself able to channel that energy to the products I’ve worked on, roughly “turning them into something brilliant and cool” for the users (Laughs).

Are you too modest when the technology projects you have experienced are very diverse, is there anything else that motivates you to conquer the market with the products VCCorp has brought to the market?

I think I am a person who likes challenges, wants to solve difficult and interesting problems, that is also the reason why I have been with VCCorp until now. The previous projects I have worked on are also pioneering products in solving a new problem for users. For example, the 8×01 value-added service is the first time when a network operator thinks of selling content, SohaPhim is a pioneering domestic website in digital copyright, and Lotus is the first Vietnamese content social network. In particular, the 8×01 numbering service used to be both the market leader and the main source of revenue for VCCorp for a long time. Soha Phim used to be at the top of traffic in online movie sites. And SohaGame is still firmly in the top of online game publishers in Vietnam.

But that’s also the downside because I’m so passionate about making new things, so when the problem is solved, the project is in the top of the market I will look for a new game to challenge myself.

Is Bizfly Martech & Salestech the latest difficult problem that you are looking to conquer?

In 2017, I joined the leadership of VCCorp to attend the Martech conference in Boston, US. This event marked the decision that VCCorp will participate in the field of digital transformation, especially focusing on Martech & Salestech and Bizfly was conceived from there.

At first, to be honest, I was not excited about Bizfly Martech & Salestech because the technology content was too high, the market was still too new, I liked to play big – my forte was business and marketing so I wouldn’t want to join. when the product has not really taken shape. However, after doing research, I decided to immediately join the project because the potential and revolutionary nature of the field of digital transformation is so impressive.

You can see that the fields with galloping development are all associated with technology factors and have obvious revolutions such as electric cars, fintech, energy… Digital transformation is also a revolutionary industry. such a network and, will continue to make an impact for the next 20-30 years. It is a global wave that all businesses of any industry will be forced to follow.

So products like Bizfly Martech & Salestech can be expected to achieve exponential growth thanks to the revolution of digital transformation?

Bizfly is a very young project of VCCorp, only 2 years old so far. But the development potential of Bizfly Martech & Salestech is easy to prove, for example, in the first 6 months of 2021 alone, we have double the number of customers compared to the whole year of 2020 combined, and so far there are still many customers do not know about Bizfly and the services we provide.

Returning to the story of the “global digital transformation wave”, if large enterprises need a lot of time to deploy, SME businesses have already done, even completed 80% of the digital transformation journey for their customers. its business model. These businesses will continue to be the majority of Bizfly Martech & Salestech customers due to their agility and lean organizational advantages.

Interview with CEO of Bizfly Martech 038 Salestech Nguyen Thuy Dung Passion for difficult problems can make a market leading product | Internet

Compared to other digital transformation products on the market, what can you reveal that can help Bizfly in general and Bizfly Martech & Salestech aim to lead the market?

Up to now, there have been quite a few digital transformation businesses in Vietnam. But with the field that requires large investment and high technology capacity, businesses often choose the strategy of developing only a few specialized products serving a specific stage/function for the business, for example. such as accounting services, payment solutions, automated chat applications, sales software, etc.

That leads to the fact that customers will have to buy different services from many individual providers at the same time. Standing in the role of customers as business owners, no one wants their data and functions to be divided and dependent on many different providers, they will worry about the risks related to security. data security as well as quality of service when the service delivery process requires the connection between too many different applications.

Bizfly chose for itself the strategy of building a full set of solutions focusing on Martech & Salestech (more than 10 tools) with a vision that by the end of 2025, it will serve more than 10,000 digital transformation businesses SUCCESSFULLY in Marketing and Sell.

It can be said that Bizfly brings comprehensiveness, smooth connectivity and scalability in terms of Martech & Salestech functions and IT infrastructure to customers. This will set us apart from others in the same industry.

When interacting and consulting with Bizfly’s customers, which portrait would you portray, “IT woman” or “business woman”?

Customers are often “persuaded” to use Bizfly’s products by successful business women using technology (Laughs). It can be said that fortunately for me, before engaging in Bizfly’s B2B model, I have had more than 10 years doing B2C, so I have sympathy with business owners – my customers. This helps me to listen and understand their needs properly.

However, passion and deep product knowledge as a “woman in the technology industry” is the factor that convinces them to use Bizfly’s products, because at this stage they need a person to cure their disease. , then the technology, the ability to execute is what makes customers conquer, I think.

What do you think about the role of women in the IT field, which is becoming more and more popular?

There are many statistics showing a very fast increase in the rate of women in the IT industry, I think this is inevitable, especially in Vietnam, because to me Vietnamese women are very good (you can find them here). Statistics show that the percentage of excellent female students in universities usually accounts for the majority). Good people will have the right to choose to do what is having a great impact on society at that time.

In fact, prejudice is inevitable. But I also think that Vietnamese women have the mentality of “taking on too many responsibilities”, from taking care of the family, to the pressure at work and the pressure to self-improve. Putting too many “tasks” on our shoulders will make us feel pressured, and sometimes confused, unable to focus on our careers. Personally, I find myself happy when I promote and create value through my work, because that’s what I’m really attracted to, and I also want to express myself like that: Always create value and positive energy in every job we do.

As a seasoned and successful female manager, what message can you share to children, especially female friends, who are learning from your own example?

I’m a big fan of young people, so I don’t know if I can play the role of a sharer for you (Laughs). Your generation, with more favorable conditions in many aspects, will help you “break in”, and also open the potential for many of you so that you can become familiar with the role of a team leader.

Be proud and feel lucky that you are a woman in the IT field, or the business field. Go ahead With the right attitude, women will easily receive “sweet fruit”, because with my personal experience and many other businesswomen, women in business have the opportunity to meet more favorable conditions. Compared to men, even for some necessary leadership skills, femininity is still a big advantage. At that time, you can both achieve success and build your own charisma and confidence!

Sincerely thank you! nen-san-pham-dan-dau-thi-truong-20220518130748008.chn

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