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Interview question ‘hacking the brain’: In the desert there are 2 glasses of water, 1 cup of horse urine, 1 cup of human urine, which would you choose to drink when you are dying of thirst?

The end of the old year, the beginning of the new year are always the peak of the recruitment market. A lot of students are starting to look for jobs to do internships and work, plus a large number of experienced people are preparing to “jump jobs”, both of which have a large influx of employees. Competition among candidates is becoming more and more difficult.

Today, companies don’t just focus on the candidate’s qualifications, qualifications or graduate career more. In addition, employers often analyze the competencies, achievements and potentials that can be exploited in each candidate more. Therefore, the difficulty and sophistication of the interview questions are also increasingly improved so that through the answers, one can assess both the current capacity as well as the underlying factors behind each person. , such as flexibility, creativity, improvisation, problem solving …

Those are challenges that anyone must overcome when entering the recruitment market, so does Sub-Lien. After 2 years working at a media company and feeling that his leadership did not appreciate his ability, Tieu Lien applied to resign from his former unit and decided to interview at a few addresses. other reputation.

By chance, Tieu Lien received a call from a job hunter, suggesting to her that a television unit was recruiting the main editor for International News. The large position meant that there was a lot of pressure and responsibility, so Tieu Lien had to prepare very carefully from spirit to professional knowledge. She also quickly grasped all the international events taking place in the past few months to be more firm in the face of the interviewer.

On the day of the interview, Tieu Lien came to the meeting place and performed very well. She easily passed the essay, English and IQ tests and quickly entered the final interview. Along with Tieu Lien, there are a few other candidates, each looking quite nervous and worried in the face of a total of 5 interviewers sitting in the room.

After a few technical issues, one manager suddenly asked a situational question for everyone: “If now in the desert there were 2 glasses of water, a cup of horse urine and one Your urine cup. Which would you rather drink while you’re dying of thirst? ”

A candidate was quite surprised when he saw this question, he awkwardly replied: “I feel that this question is not suitable for today’s interview. It also does not have anything to do with position. We are applying for it. Therefore, it is very difficult for me to give an answer to this case, both answers are not good. ”

An experienced candidate said: “In the desert where there is a shortage of drinking water, facing death, I think I can accept the use of horse urine to overcome thirst. After all, there is still hope, I will definitely overcome a bit of psychological obstacles to survive. ”

When it was Tieu Lien’s turn, she took a deep breath and answered with a confident smile: “Because there are 2 cups of water, one for horse urine and one for human, so a total of 4 the choice. Of course, I’ll choose 2 cups of water to drink “.

Indeed, in this situation question, there was a loophole that the employer had deliberately put in place to see if any candidates had grasped it. That is, he changed the wording to make the question more obscure, more easily confused, and used the word “glass of water” different from “glass of water” to emphasize the difference.

If the question were expressed as “there are 2 glasses of water, of which one glass contains horse urine, the other one contains human urine” then it is clear that only 2 glasses of water appear in the problem. But with such a word change, besides “2 cups of water” there is “1 cup of horse urine” and “1 cup of human urine”, so there may be up to 4 choices for the candidate. tablets.

It can be seen that every company not only hires the superficial capabilities of its employees, they also want to harness the internal intelligence potential. A flexible, flexible mindset with great creativity is indispensable for developing future achievements.

Unlike analytical thinkers, often driven by logic and consequences, people with very flexible thinking are strong in situations where they have to push the boundaries and try new things.

Interview question hacking the brain In the desert there are 2 glasses of water 1 cup of horse urine 1 cup of human urine which would you choose to drink when you are dying of thirst | Khám phá

The author Leonard Mlodinow, who is also a famous doctor and screenwriter, wrote in his book “Elasticity: Flexible thinking in a constantly changing world” as follows:

“Flexible thinking is not just for artists or writers, but for everyone in other professions. It’s an ability everyone can train. We can all become people who handle problems if we want to survive and thrive in today’s volatile world. Fortunately, it’s a skill available in the human brain. ”

In such a way that the author develops the power of thinking, instead of just looking at the problem from top to bottom, or relaxing his mind and trying to change continuously with many different perspectives like from bottom to top. Each approach can easily lead to different processes and modes of thinking, more flexible, wider, stimulating creativity and imagination more.

While logical analysis will work well when we need to solve problems that we have encountered with the skills and methods that we have, on the contrary, flexible thinking will help us more. When faced with a new difficulty or trouble, we have to find ways to solve it ourselves.

This is also the reason that technology giants such as Uber, Google, Microsoft … have “preferences” to ask difficult situation questions to highlight the flexible thinking of candidates, thereby finding the ability their creative and adaptive force.

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