Interesting things about Wakasa Rumi, the mysterious vice homeroom teacher of the famous Detective Conan?

Basic information

Name: Wakasa Rumi

Origin of name: “Wakasa Rumi” will be identical to the parable of Koji Haneda (Asaka Rum) when adding W and I, then reversing. It seems that Gosho used this name for the purpose of unleashing a blind fire, or Wakasa means referring to Rum, the second in the Black Organization after Mr. Boss.

Rasa Wakasa is the mysterious homeroom teacher of the young detective Conan

Age: 37 (if true, Yukiko’s age).

Occupation: Homeroom Teacher of 1B class, Teitan Elementary School.

Accommodation: High-rise apartment.

Identity: Wakasa Rumi is a woman with a slender body but very solid appearance. She wears glasses, hair to shoulder length. According to information from Sherry’s monologue in chapter 968, Gosho states that Wakasa’s eyes are in a state of anger or a serious face similar to that of the female lead Shidare Hotaru in the anime Dagashi Kashi.

Interesting things about Wakasa Rumi the mysterious vice homeroom teacher of the famous Detective Conan | Manga/Film

Wakasa Rumi is a girl with a complicated personality

Personality and attitudes toward others: Wakasa Rumi is usually a gentle, friendly and polite, sometimes naive person. She often apologizes for making students do different things. However, Wakasa Rumi is very strong in dangerous situations or meets people who threaten her and others. Wakasa Rumi in some situations is also somewhat cold, do not care about life and death of others and use it as an opportunity to realize his purpose.

The occurrences in the story

1.The skeleton project in the old warehouse – The meeting of the assistant homeroom teacher (chap 966 – 968)

The story begins when many students move to class 1B (Conan, Haibara, Maria), so the class has an assistant homeroom teacher, Wakasa Rumi. After introducing her name, when she bowed to greet the whole class, she bumped her head into the teacher’s desk, an unknown or unintentional act.

Interesting things about Wakasa Rumi the mysterious vice homeroom teacher of the famous Detective Conan | Manga/Film

The first time Wakasa Rumi appeared in the series

During recess, Wakasa used the excuse to look for the chalk box and also showed a fear of ghosts to lure Conan and the detective team into the old storage. When the students showed off the tools that Doctor Agasa showed them, Wakasa showed an interest and praised Agasa as good as the way Amuro praised. When they reach the basement, Wakasa continues to bump into the door. After Conan discovered the skeleton and discovered the code, Wakasa silently watched him with a mysterious face

Later, Conan was surprised by the deduction ability of his vice-homeroom teacher. In addition to contributing important inferences to the case, Wakasa is also particularly interested in his student with a very mysterious attitude.

2. The murder case in Ms. Wakasa’s neighbor’s apartment (chapter 978 – 980)

This is a case that Wakasa, after learning that her neighbor is about to kill, smiles mysteriously. This proves that she does not care about the issue of life and death of others but only herself. And so Wakasa went to buy more plates and cups for the small guests he was going to take home that day. She was very punctual, but that morning she was late for class compared to every day.

And then continuing his unpredictable clumsiness, Wakasa breaks the screen and has an excuse to lead Conan’s group to her apartment, the fact that Conan insists on coming. It seems that Wakasa is often at home after class, so he usually hears the alarm music in the afternoon of the neighbors.

Interesting things about Wakasa Rumi the mysterious vice homeroom teacher of the famous Detective Conan | Manga/Film

Many times Wakasa Rumi “accidentally” causes the perpetrator to fall

And then Wakasa’s neighbor was exposed as the killer and tried to resist to escape. So she “clumsy next time” put out his legs and accidentally tripped him down. Then Wakasa hit his ear with an elbow, a very dangerous place that instantly killed the perpetrator.

The culprit is a celebrity who led a large group of reporters to the scene of Wakasa that was featured in the newspaper. In the end, she was “keeping an eye on” by Chief Inspector Kuroda of the Tokyo Department. It is certain that when the name “Wakasa Rumi” is published in the press, the Black Organization will take care of her because Vermouth and Bourbon simply know that Wakasa is Conan’s vice homeroom.

3. The fire at the camping ground – Encounter with Kuroda (chapter 987 – 989)

Dr. Agasa suddenly caught a cold. Wakasa took the students to the campsite instead. The young detective Conan remembers the previous two cases of Wakasa and suspects that Wakasa is approaching him on purpose. At the campsite, the group met 4 people on the basketball team and heard them talk about the collision that almost killed one of them. At that moment, Wakasa suddenly became angry and gripped something. This can be inferred that Wakasa has suffered from an eye-related accident in the past.

Then the fire broke out, Kuroda appeared in front of Wakasa and Conan. Wakasa nervously stares at Kuroda’s scary face. Conan recalled Wakasa’s “unpredictable” scenes back then and wondered whether she was pretending or clumsy. Kuroda thinks that few people stare at his scary face like Wakasa, which implies there is a problem with Wakasa. Haibara, after watching Wakasa for a while, thinks that Wakasa’s right eye cannot see.

Interesting things about Wakasa Rumi the mysterious vice homeroom teacher of the famous Detective Conan | Manga/Film

Rasa Wakasa was very angry when he was discovered that he had a broken eye in one eye

As for Wakasa, she notices Kuroda’s words and next to the corners of Kuroda, implying that he was following her and Conan’s group. Wakasa tells Kuroda to worry about the object he cares about, leaving the burnt tent nearby. Wakasa teaches the kids how to make a balance toy made from oak seeds, which is a suggestion of the trick to the fire of the tent to help Conan and Kuroda recognize the truth. Wakasa chuckles with a satisfied expression because she once again suggested to Conan.

Above is all the interesting information about his homeroom teacher Wakasa Rumi Conan’s detective. Someone who has yet to determine whether she is a good person or a bad person. The ability to reason and the times she offered to help Conan Was it accidentally or deliberately calculated in advance?

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