Interesting nametags are associated with professional CS: GO players

Nametag is one of the game’s exciting features CS: GO as it allows players to arbitrarily change the name of a skin at will and pro players are no exception. Let us review some interesting names and meanings behind them!

1.kennyS with the AWP “Magic Stick”

As one of the greatest AWP-ers of all time, it comes as no surprise that he chose to name his favorite weapon. During the peak period, kennyS used an AWP Asiimov skin called “Magic Stick”, which perfectly describes his lightning-fast flicks. This AWP is more and more popular with the popular meme video below.

Instead of a girlfriend, kennyS chose to stay with… an AWP on Valentine’s Day

2. Hiko with the P2000 “Inhuman Reaction”

Hiko is one of the original player in the platform CS North America and throughout his 9-year career, he has played for many famous teams such as Cloud9, iBUYPOWER or Team Liquid. Hiko’s name is also known the most through the highlight “Inhuman Reaction” at ESL One Cologne 2014. After this life phase he named his P2000 to “GeT_RiGhT Slayer” to commemorate.

Inhuman Reaction is from Hiko

3. Happy with DE “TEAM SOLO REKT”

Speaking of Happy’s name, many people will surely remember mixing ACE with his legendary DE. Specifically, in the match against TSM at DreamHack Open London 2015 Happy had an unbelievable 5 phase with 3 extremely magical networks through smoke. Also in a poll in early 2020 with more than 80,000 votes, this highlight phase was honored as the best handling phase of the decade.

Happy’s satisfied ACE phase

Happy later changed the name of her Deagle Eagle Blaze to “TEAM SOLO REKT” to preserve this memorable memory.

4. Coldzera with the AWP “Jumpingzera”

Honored as one of the best players of all time, throughout his professional career, Coldzera has affirmed himself with countless classy highlights and the most memorable is definitely the AWP jump in the game. against Team Liquid. With his opponent leading to September 15, at the most important moment, Coldzera shined when he did 4 with the AWP and blocked the B phase of Team Liquid members, including an extremely unbelievable jump shot. Getting more spirit after this highlight, Coldzera and his teammates had an unbelievable comeback with 10 consecutive wins to win.

Coldzera destroyed the Liquid roster with an incredible AWP jump

5. Stewie2k with the P250 “But look at the time”

Known as one of the most successful players in North American CS, Stewie2k has entered history as a member of the legendary Cloud9 roster that won the ELEAGUE Boston Major. At the suffocating final against the FaZe Clan, he made his name in history with the legendary B bombsite holding back from FaZe Clan members’ attempts to put C4 to put the map into fateful and final OT turns and win 22-19 to win the championship.

Stewie with a memorable 3

To remember this achievement, Stewie named his P250 gun “But look at the time”, reminiscent of caster James Bardolph’s famous cast in the aforementioned highlight. This quote has also been honored by Valve by including it in the description of the P250 Inferno skin to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the CS game’s debut.

Interesting nametags are associated with professional CS GO players | GameK

Stewie2k’s “But look at the time” P250 gun

In addition to the names above, there are also many interesting names that the pro player has given to his favorite skin, such as Pasha with Karambit Fade skin “mortal2k” (this is a famous character with a huge donation to the streamers on Twitch and once gave Pasha 15,000 USD in one stream) or JW with Sawed-Off | The Kraken with the nametag “Release the JW” (reminiscent of a famous line from the movie Clash of the Titan), …

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