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Interesting discovery: Why are the tips of wrinkles when soaked in water?

After showering or soaking your hands, soaking your feet in water for a relatively long time, the skin on your fingers and toes will become wrinkled. So why does the human body have this phenomenon? Why does this phenomenon occur only in the skin of the fingers and toes instead of the skin covering the body? The answer is actually very simple and interesting.

The wrinkly phenomenon that everyone meets in life

In life, everyone knows that the skin of the toes and hands will soak them in water for more than 5 minutes, but this process will be shortened if the water is warm or hot. If the water temperature is above 40 degrees Celsius, it only takes 3-5 minutes to soak for severe wrinkling. A special feature of this phenomenon is that it does not appear in areas other than the hands and feet.

Currently, scientists have not been able to clearly explain why the human body produces this phenomenon.

Many hypotheses that wrinkled limbs are caused by osmosis, causing the skin to absorb water and inflate. However, this explanation is not necessarily convincing, because we all know that water does not naturally soak into the fingers. The body needs to work in a way that allows water from outside to penetrate the inner skin layers.

Interesting discovery Why are the tips of wrinkles when soaked in water | Khám phá

In fact, in many cases, if you actively or accidentally remove certain nerve cells, the skin of your fingers and toes will not wrinkle when soaked in water.

In addition, wrinkled skin is also associated with vasoconstriction.

Reason wrinkled fingers when soaked in water

Thus, we know some key points of this strange change in the body, but still do not understand the mechanism as well as the cause of this phenomenon.

Wrinkled hands skin to do?

Every part of the body changes for the purpose of adapting, making human life easier. Humans lose a lot of hair throughout the body, but the hair does not affect to ensure the function of keeping warm, regulating body temperature. Similarly, the skin on the soles of the hands and the soles of the feet that easily wrinkle when encountering water also play a role.

Interesting discovery Why are the tips of wrinkles when soaked in water | Khám phá

Like the reason why car drivers have to replace their rubber tires periodically when old tires wear out, notches and textures on the tires help reduce slippery, better grip in wet conditions or weather. rain. Not only that, the notch created by the tire also helps to drain faster.

Some scientists believe that wrinkled skin will help people hold objects in water or a moist environment more firmly. As for the soles of the feet, the wrinkled skin will help increase grip when walking, limiting slip. This hypothesis is quite reasonable considering the harsh habitats of human ancestors.

Interesting discovery Why are the tips of wrinkles when soaked in water | Khám phá

From that it can be seen that the human body is indeed very miraculous, it changes itself to adapt to the environment even before people realize and explain the purpose of that change.

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