Instructions on how to Vietnameseize the game Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5)

In the current era, although the gaming industry in the world has been extremely developed, Studio Games are constantly releasing blockbusters, our players enjoy a great gaming experience, and the developer Onions, it earned hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

But the sad reality is that in Vietnam there is currently no company big enough and powerful enough to create such a game, or capable enough to cooperate with other game studios around the world.

Although Vietnam is a small but very potential market, however, due to many bad reasons, it has not yet been noticed by developers.

And it is understandable that many popular titles by default do not have Vietnamese language or can not be purchased in Vietnam.

Blockbuster Grand Theft Auto V – GTA V has always had a special attraction for gamers since its launch in 2015.

Yes, in this article I will guide you in detail Vietnameseization for Grand Theft Auto V in the most detailed way.

#first. Little introduction

About GTA V, I don’t need to introduce much anymore, it’s too popular and there are already a few articles on this game on the blog, you can check it first if you don’t know.

To evaluate a game, we need to rely on many criteria such as graphics, gameplay, character construction … and an indispensable part is the story.

The biggest barrier that prevents Vietnamese gamers from accessing the game’s storyline is the language. Like I said at the beginning of the post, most games do not have Vietnamese language.

Besides, if there is Vietnamese, it is not sure what the storyline says about English, especially some games with complex and brain-twisting stories like NieR: Automata such as.

Since then, the need to translate foreign games into Vietnamese came into being, which specialized languages ​​called Vietnameseization game.

Instructions on how to Vietnameseize the game Grand Theft Auto V GTA 5 | Game

In Vietnam, we currently have quite a few teams specializing in going to Vietnam Chemistry, they all have their own website – forum, the team products are released non-profit so everyone can use.

Some of the famous translation teams are:

  • Vietnamese games ( (Formerly RomHackingVn group) – One of the Vietnamese group dedicated to the quality products,
  • Asian Games ( The name says it all, this group mainly translates Asian chorus-style games, but specifically China.
  • Vietnameseization game ( – This group, I do not know the time of establishment (~ 2017) and have quite a little information, so far the group has produced nearly 70 game translations and has very good quality, …

And not only in Vietnam but other countries also need to translate the game to their language.

Instructions on how to Vietnameseize the game Grand Theft Auto V GTA 5 | Game

Back to our GTA V game, there are quite a few translations for this game and for me, the GameTiengViet group’s translation is the best candidate.

Simply because this translation is of very high quality, through each translation we can see their enthusiasm in it.

The dialogues in the game are translated very closely, so I do not encourage you to play in front of adults, parents or children because it contains a lot of obscene language.

Do not misunderstand that the translation team tries to do so, because first: this is an adult game, labeled Mature 17+ and second: the language is in fact very vulgar, so it is the result of translation. means.

#2. Grand Theft Auto – V Vietnamese localization: How to install GTA V for Epic Games, Steam, “Medicine”

This translation is released by GameTiengViet team completely free of charge, can be used for GTA V copyright on Steam, Epic Games and even the “Medicine” version.

+ Step 1: The installation way of these 3 game versions is identical, so you can rest assured that you can apply this tutorial by yourself. To prepare, first download the Vietnamese file of the game by one of the links below:

Link Google Drive / Link MediaFire / Link

+ Step 2: After downloading, please visit the OpenIV homepage ( will see the interface as shown below => click button Download now To download the installation file of OpenIV software, the latest version is 4.0.

NOTE: If you want to mod and edit the GTA V world according to your needs, this is an indispensable software.

Instructions on how to Vietnameseize the game Grand Theft Auto V GTA 5 | Game

+ Step 3: Then you open the file ovisetup.exe Just downloaded to install OpenIV on Windows 10. The installation process is very simple, so I will not guide you here in detail, you can go ahead. Next Continuity is okay.

Note that at this step, please tick the line Run OpenIV after installation => then press Continue to continue with the installation.

Instructions on how to Vietnameseize the game Grand Theft Auto V GTA 5 | Game

+ Step 4: Once installed, the application will automatically launch up with a list of games you can mod with this tool.

For those who do not know, OpenIV can help you mod most games from the Rock Star house like Red Dead Redemption 2, Max Payne 3, GTA IV, … and of course there is also GTA V.

Now click on the word Windows in part Grand Theft Auto V as shown below.

Instructions on how to Vietnameseize the game Grand Theft Auto V GTA 5 | Game

+ Step 5: Next, you need to select the path to the Grand Theft Auto V game installation directory by pressing the button Browse…

The default game installation directory of GTA V Steam version is:

C: Program Files (x86) Steam steamapps common GTAV

GTA Epic Games version is:

C: Program Files (x86) GTAIV

And the directory where you install GTA V with the “Medicine” version, I will =)), only you will know 😀

=> If you finish choosing a folder, you will see blue text Successfully. OpenIV can work with this file OK, now press Continue to continue.

Instructions on how to Vietnameseize the game Grand Theft Auto V GTA 5 | Game

+ Step 6: Because this game translation requires you to install additional plugins ASI Loader then it can work and this is also a necessary plugin if you want to mod the game.

Installation is very simple, at the main interface of this OpenIV software, you click on the icon of the ASI Manager The ASI plugin management panel will open as shown.

=> Finally click the button Install and when the ASI Loader turns green as shown in the picture, it has been installed successfully.


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