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Instructions for selecting a dedicated mechanical keyboard switch to fight the game most comfortably

Not long ago I made an article about mouse selection for each game series. While writing that article, I suddenly thought why I didn’t make a tutorial on selecting the keys for each game line for you guys. But because each keyboard line will often have multiple switch versions depending on your needs, I just talk about the switch, the keyboard is not a table. Hope to bring useful information to you.

* You note that each person’s feeling will be different, but what you present in the article is only for your personal feeling. So the article is mainly for sharing and reference

MOBA and ARPG games – Switch clicky (with click, with clicky sound)

The MOBA and ARPG games often have one thing in common is that the gameplay depends a lot on how you use the skills and items in it. So for these types of games, I think you should aim for switches that feel as clear as possible. Top priority will be clicky switches like Cherry MX Blue and Razer Opto-Mechanical (purple version with clicky).

With these types of switches, every time you press the key to use a skill or item, there will be a clear sound to signal to you. Even if you wear a headset, these switches will also feel very good response, press play is clear. In addition, the clicky feel and clicky clicks of the clicky switches also help you create excitement when playing games. Every crime it’s a bit noisy when playing at night only.

Shooting and racing games – Switch linear (no notch, no clicky)

Shooting and racing are two lines of games that look unrelated but have in common about keyboard requirements. For shooters, you will have to stick your hands on the scroll keys and press repeatedly with high speed. At this time, you will need a smooth switch to operate as neat and agile as possible. Racing games were always not as optimal on the keyboard as the steering wheel or console analog stick. However, you can also improve it with the smooth, non-bouncing switches to feel the smoothest button switch possible.

Instructions for selecting a dedicated mechanical keyboard switch to fight the game most comfortably | Gaming Gear

Therefore, I think these 2 series of games will be the best when playing with a keyboard equipped with a linear switch. This is the type of switch that feels the smoothest operation, ensuring you can handle the best in high-speed situations. I recommend switches like Cherry MX Red, Cherry MX Silent Red, Razer Opto-Mechanical Linear and SteelSeries Omnipoint.

Multi-Purpose Keys – Switch tactile

Not many people just play one game line and few people can afford to buy keyboards for each genre at once. So if you want your keyboard not to “bias” for a game series, you will need a switch that balances smoothness and responsiveness. My recommendation here is that the switches do not have clicky sound but still feel like the Topre switch, Cherry MX Brown. Thus, you will have a certain smoothness when playing games that need to move a lot and switch keys quickly, and have a sense of feedback for games that need a clear feeling of pressing.

Instructions for selecting a dedicated mechanical keyboard switch to fight the game most comfortably | Gaming Gear

According to my personal opinion, I highly appreciate Topre switch because it gives an extremely clear feeling and is not as ruffled as a traditional mechanical switch. Its only downside is that it is difficult to get used to because you will feel a bit “sticky” when first experiencing it.

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