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Instead of an alliance, Google left Apple alone in the fight against Epic

Not long after filing a lawsuit against Apple over exclusive App Store behavior, Epic also sued Google for “ending the illegal monopoly and non-competitive restrictions by GoogleHowever, it does not appear that Google wants to be on the same line with Apple in its fight against Epic.

In the new petition filed by Google in court, the search giant confirmed Epic’s intention to dismiss Epic’s claims about the monopoly as well as the aforementioned non-competitive practices due to “The special nature of Android. ”

Google’s argument in the petition says Epic’s lawsuits against Android and iOS do not overlap, except for the fact that both platforms are competing to attract app developers and end user. Google’s lawyer also pointed out that the business models of Google and Apple and the agreements to support rival ecosystems are very different:

While Apple’s iOS only allows app distribution through Apple’s proprietary app store, Android devices do the opposite: (1) they can have multiple pre-installed app stores, or download and (2) they also allow the user to install the app by himself without using the app store (side load).. ”

That means Android app developers can distribute apps through various Android stores, work directly with OEMs or carriers to pre-install apps, and distribute apps. directly to users through their website. As a result, Google and Apple both have independent and separate negotiations and contracts with application developers and OEMs.. ”

Google’s new petition also shows that Google doesn’t want the iOS and Android lawsuits merged into one. However, the search giant favors combining the antitrust lawsuits against Android and the Play Store together, including the lawsuits against Pure Sweat Basketball and Carr that Google currently faces.

This is considered a wise move by Google to pull back and push Apple forward to get the full heat from the legal battle with Epic. Then, based on the results of the lawsuit between Apple and Epic, Google can take legal action in its favor. If Apple wins Epic, Google’s lawsuit will get easier. And if Apple loses, Google can take advantage of the openness of Android compared to iOS to dismiss the lawsuit.

Refer to Android Central

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