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Insisting he and his family are immune to Covid-19, Elon Musk will not be vaccinated when it launches

It’s possible that Elon Musk is an outstanding talent for future technologies like electric cars, spacecraft or artificial intelligence, but given what he once said about the Covid-19 epidemic, his understanding of it seem so badly poor.

During a talk about AI and space exploration with New York Times reporter Kara Swisher, Mr. Musk expressed his thoughts on the pandemic that is devastating the world. Keeping the same disdain for the epidemic as before, he said that he and his family would not be vaccinated against Covid-19 when it was released, for the simple reason that he was “like his children. by me, there is no danger of Covid infection. “

It is not known if Musk intends to hide in Tesla cars all day long, believing that his body and family will be immune to the virus. So far, more than 200,000 Americans of all ages have died from this virus.

Not only that, in the past he has repeatedly opposed blockade orders and said that they are not “serve the better. ”

Basically, the right thing to do is not block the whole country, but I think those at risk of infection must be blocked off until the storm is over.“Mr. Musk said. In March he even made a prediction that,” will “There are almost no new cases“until the end of April – it turned out to be the time when the number of cases in the US continued to escalate.

Musk then made another reckless prediction in July when he said that children and young people are not at risk of contracting Covid-19, even though there was a series of evidence that young people were ill. even died from this epidemic. Musk also contradicts the data showing that a large number of infected people do not have symptoms.

Insisting he and his family are immune to Covid 19 Elon Musk will not be vaccinated when it launches | Tech ice tea

At the outset of this pandemic, Musk publicly dismissed the effects of the pandemic. He called it “stupid” to worry about its effects and “panic”. He also called for the use of the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine, to treat the virus, although there is no evidence that it will be effective. He even suspects that the coron virus death toll has been overblown.

In fact, many Americans will react like Musk to vaccines. The Ipsos MORI poll found that 33% of Americans polled said they would not get the vaccine when it launches. Among those protesters, however, few are as famous and influential as Musk.

Perhaps that is why billionaire Bill Gates, one of the most actively investing in vaccine research and production, has reminded the Tesla CEO to refrain from misleading statements about Covid-19. There are dozens of vaccines under study, and 32 vaccines have been tested in humans.

Refer to Business Insider

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