Inside the East workshop, people built the statue of Phi Phi for what?

The Eastern apprentice workshop, called the Eastern workshop for short, was established in 1420 by Minh Thanh To Chu De and allowed it to set up a dentist next to the East China Gate of Yen Kinh (today’s Beijing). Inherited the throne by robbing the grandson of the grandson, Minh Thành To was as suspicious as Minh Thai To, so to suppress the opposing political forces, the emperor decided to set up a factory.

The workshop is a secret agency specially founded by Minh Thanh To Chu De.

This is a secret agent, undertaken by the inner city, responsible for overseeing the entire cabinet from the military, officials, intellectuals, intellectuals, distinguished scholars, all the governmental authorities. family. The result of this superintendent, if investigating a misdemeanor, the Eastern Court was free to deal with the law, without having to submit it to the judiciary, and the felon was directly reported to the emperor for his disposition. Given the power of tilting the sky, the East Yard could investigate any noble prince.

The payroll of the workshop was over thousands of people, because the eunuchs held the important positions, the eyes and ears were scattered everywhere, and Cam Y Ve was also mobilized by the Eastern workshop. The head of the full title is Kham Sai, the governor of the Eastern workshop of the Eucharist, called the East workshop director or factory workshop, the owner.

Under the factory, agents of the East workshop were divided into eight levels. Inside the workshop, people built a statue of Yue Fei to remind agents not to cause unjust conviction.

Inside the East workshop people built the statue of Phi Phi for what | Manga/Film

Yue Fei is a famous and talented martial artist in Chinese history. (Photo: Phi Nhac statue in the middle of Phi Phi Temple in Hangzhou, China).

Early every morning, the army had to gather soldiers in any abnormal area to make a report to the Eastern workshop for reference. The powerful eunuchs of the Ming dynasty such as Vuong Chan, Luu Can, Phung Bao, Wei Trung Hien … were each appointed to dominate the East factory. Among them, Wei Zhongxian is the most famous eunuch, his life has been the subject of many directors making films and dramas.

In the drama People also known as Thien Dai Dai Minh of China, Wei Trung Hien also has five adopted children: Cui Cheng Tu holds the position of upper army infantry, Hua Hien Don is the governor of the Eastern factory, Khach Quang Tien works as a guardian. janitor and 2 more foster children, Dien Nhi Canh, and one has no name. All were Wei Trung Hien used as minions to destroy the Dong Lam faction and the opposers.

Inside the East workshop people built the statue of Phi Phi for what | Manga/Film

Create Wei Trung Hien on film.

Wei Zhongxian was from Túc Ninh in Hebei Province, at first his name was Wei Xianzhong. When he was young, he was addicted to gambling, dissipated, married and had a son. Because he lost all his money and debt, he fled to the pub and was scolded, beaten, beaten up, embarrassed by the debtors and decided to castrate himself and changed his name to Ly Tien Trung. fled to Beijing and was recruited into the palace in 1589, renaming Wei Tien Trung.

Living in a harem many markets, but thanks to his flattery, Wei Trung Hien was very well received by Khach Thi, the nanny of King Minh Hy Tong, loved and supported.

Right from when Hy Tong was just a young prince, Wei Trung Hien took advantage of his own relationship with Khach Thi to create a close relationship. The milestone in his life was when Emperor Minh Quang Tong died suddenly less than a month after the throne. Chu Do Hieu, the eldest son of Minh Quang Tong ascended the throne when he was 15 years old, called Minh Hy Tong.

After Hy Tong ascended the throne, appointed Khach Thi as Phung Thanh Lady, Wei Trung Hien was fragrant, was allowed to serve as the ruler of the Thai eunuch, headed by 24 eunuchs, was near the Emperor, responded to the medal. , convey holy scripture only. Wei Trung Hien, despite being illiterate, was supported by Khach Thi, so she was given this important position.

Not only that, Wei Trung Hien was also given the word “Trung Hien” by the king, so he considered the authority equal to that of the Prime Minister, although the Ming dynasty had abolished this position for a long time. Greatly used by the Emperor, Ngu Trung Hien splendidly manipulated the royal court, enticing the king into enjoyment.

At that time, Ngu Trung Hien was entrusted by the king to look after the Eastern workshop, Western workshop and Interior workshop. Only the power of the Eastern workshop, Wei Trung Hien controlled the government, seized the great authorities in the palace and also brought trusted minions and hands to seize the cabinet. The officials in the royal court proclaimed Wei Trung Hien to be promoted, up to “Thu thu” (Prime: top, Extra: high mandarins) or “University cabinet of scholars”. There are even people who claim to be close to Wei Trung Hien, because they share the same surname Phung with his former wife so they can also serve as mandarins. Those who are not on the side of Wei Zhongxian are excluded from the cabinet. The Ming dynasty cabinet became a separate body of the Wei family. The officials scrambled to marry Wei Jia to be adopted, his grandchildren adopted. Thus, from the cabinet, the army to the governor, the patrols were all factions, surrounded by the Wei clan, great power inside and outside could be said to be in the hands of Wei Trung Hien.

Inside the East workshop people built the statue of Phi Phi for what | Manga/Film

Wei Trung Hien exuded authority in the court, but the officials did not dare to oppose it.

Although Wei Zhongxian was a royal power, the officials did not dare to oppose Wei Trung Hien. Those who dare not oppose, he is ready to crack down and kill. All forms of interrogation, forced bows or corporal punishment such as beating, using handcuffs, clamping, slashing made everyone terrified.

Even, Wei Trung Hien even dared to draft edict, proclaiming “I and the God Yard”, the officials in the court must obey.

However, the days of storming and manipulating the court of Wei Trung Hien soon ended when King Minh Hy Tong died in 1627, due to serious illness. Hy Tong did not have a son, so at the time of his death he passed on the throne to King Chu Do Kiem.

Two days after Minh Hy Tong’s death, Chu Do Kiem ascended the throne at the Central Pole Palace, ie Minh Tu Tong. He changed his name to Sung Trinh.

Only two months after posting the invitation, he immediately began to bring down the great eunuch, trusted by the big brother – Wei Trung Hien.

After abolishing all positions inside, outside the palace of the eunuch of Wei family, he was initially forgiven for his death by Sung Trinh, and was taken to Phuong Duong to look after the tomb of the Ming king.

However, just a few days later, the last king of the Ming dynasty suddenly ordered a change of punishment for Wei Trung Hien, ordering him to be arrested immediately.

Wei Trung Hien received this news on his way to Phuong Duong. At that time, he was listening to music in an inn.

The arrest warrant, along with the dreary music, made the notorious Minh Dynasty great eunuch extremely depressing. Early the next morning, it was discovered that the Wei family had committed suicide by hanging inside the motel room.

After Wei Zhongxian’s death, Sung Trinh continued his eunuch eulogy in the court, starting a large-scale payment of eunuchs who had a strong anti-court sentiment.

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