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Indian court summoned Chinese billionaire Jack Ma and representative of Alibaba

The lawsuit comes weeks after India had security concerns with banning the UC News, UC Browser applications from Alibaba Group and 57 other Chinese apps after the forces of the two countries. clashes led to dozens of soldiers killed in the border area.

After enacting the ban, India requested written responses from all affected companies about whether they censored content or worked for any foreign governments.

In court documents filed on July 20 and previously unreleased, Pushpandra Singh Parmar, a former UC Web employee of Alibaba Group, said the company had censored content that was not beneficial. for China. At the same time, UC Browser and UC News applications display fake news “in order to disrupt political and social categories”.

In more than 200 pages of records, the former Parmar employee also included clippings from some of the posts displayed on the UC News application that he deemed to be in error.

In it, a post from 2017 titled in Hindi: “2,000 rupee bills banned from mid-night”. Another headline of the 2018 article said: “Right now: War broke out between India and Pakistan” contains content describing the shooting at the disputed border area between the two countries.

According to Reuters news agency, India did not ban 2,000 rupees in cash and there was no war between India and Pakistan in 2018.

Currently, the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi and the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beijing as well as the Indian Ministry of Information Technology have not provided feedback on the incident.

The Indian court has just summoned Alibaba and Jack Ma over the allegations that the former employee was unlawfully fired after he opposed censorship and fake news on the company’s application. Photo: Reuters

Judge Sonia Sheokand in charge of the district court in Gurugram, a satellite city in the capital New Delhi, issued summonses to Alibaba, Mr. Jack Ma and about a dozen individuals and parts of the company. Accordingly, those summoned by the court will have to appear in court or through lawyers on July 29.

“Consistency in our commitment to the Indian market, the welfare of local staff and national policy are in compliance with local laws. We cannot comment further on the upcoming lawsuit,” The newspaper of UC India said.

Meanwhile, Alibaba’s representative did not respond.

Mr. Parmar, who served as deputy director of UC Web in Gurugram City until October 2017, claimed damages of US $ 268,000 (over VND 6.2 billion).

The lawsuit is the most recent barrier for Alibaba Group in India following a ban on Indian government applications, which has caused UC Web to start off some employees in India.

Before the ban, the UC Browser app had at least 689 million downloads in India, while the UC Web had 79.8 million downloads, mostly in 2017 and 2018, according to public data. Tower analysis company.

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