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Incredible: The ‘old’ super-viral virus game suddenly revives, making it to the top trending on the Chinese App Store

In 2012, Ndemic Creations developed and launched the game Plague Inc. Thanks to its unique style, this game quickly attracted the attention of many gamers around the world.

Plague Inc. Allows players to freely create viruses. Photo: Gamebyte.

In the game, you act as a virus, seeking to spread the disease to the world through different methods through skill trees. Each upgrade will help players in the transmission of infection through water, insects, air … However, you will face a multitude of vaccines that humans make.

Since its launch, this game is often in the top 25 most downloaded applications in China. But in recent weeks, due to the outbreak of Wuhan virus in this country has helped Plague Inc. Suddenly entered the top 10.

More than hundreds of cases have been reported in the past few weeks in China. The cause has now been determined due to the spread of neighboring countries.

Incredible The old super viral virus game suddenly revives making it to the top trending on the Chinese App Store | Mobile & Social

More than hundreds of cases of Wuhan virus infection domestically and internationally. Photo: Foreign Policy.

Wuhan virus has been confirmed as a pneumonia disease and is highly contagious from person to person. This scares people because in 2002, 2003, the Sars virus claimed more than 800 lives in China.

“I didn’t mean to joke around, but when I was watching the progress of this disease, I felt like it was very similar to Plague Inc.,” said one Weibo user.

Although the content of the game revolves around spreading germs to destroy humanity, but according to analysts, the true core value of this game is to educate people on how to prevent disease. . According to them, the best way to overcome fear is to face it.

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