Incredible: Nearly 90% of LPL fans believe that Suning will beat JD Gaming

With the results of the quarterfinal draw Worlds 2020, Suning will fall into an extremely difficult match when they have to clash JD Gaming – LPL’s No. 2 seed team, and also the name that made SN taste bitter in the regional tournament.

As the first “civil war” of the LPL at Worlds, this match of course also received a lot of attention from the Chinese gaming community. But it is worth mentioning here that in the polls on the panda origin social networks, the odds of choosing Suning as the winner were completely outperformed by JD Gaming, although Kanavi and his teammates were always evaluated as “the door. on”.

88% of’s readers expect Suning to win against JD Gaming

Incredible Nearly 90 of LPL fans believe that Suning will beat JD Gaming | Esports

On Weibo, the winning rate for SN was also completely superior (30,000 SN votes compared to more than 7000 JDG votes).

Even when entering the quarterfinals as the first team, Suning is still considered inferior to JDG, because the head-to-head performance between these two teams has mostly brought negative results for the lions. The last time SN met JDG team was in the group stage of LPL Summer 2020, this was a match where SofM and his teammates suffered a 0-2 defeat despite having a pretty good start.

In terms of achievements, JDG won 1 championship and 1 second place in the LPL in 2020, far exceeding SN’s rank with 1 finish in third place. Therefore, the Chinese League of Legends community Quoc’s turn to support SN was a relatively unexpected move.

SN vs JDG Highlights ALL GAMES LPL Summer Season 2020 W2D3 Suning vs JDG Gaming by Onivia

However, it is worth mentioning that the LPL “setting the door” for Suning also comes from a reason other than expertise. As is known, with the draw results of the quarterfinals, 3 Chinese teams will fall into the same bracket. This is also the reason why the representative of the draw – Tian suddenly became fiercely stoned.

But more deeply, this scenario inherently stemmed from the fact that JD Gaming lost to PSG Talon in the group stage, which led to them finishing Group B with second place. Without this disastrous defeat, it is highly likely that all 3 seed teams of the LPL (except LGD) will top the group and avoid meeting each other in the quarterfinals.

With heavily “emotional” predictions, the Chinese League of Legends community is clearly not satisfied with the way that JDG plays in the group stage, and they choose to vote for Suning to express this “boycott” attitude.

Incredible Nearly 90 of LPL fans believe that Suning will beat JD Gaming | Esports

JDG has “lost points” seriously in the eyes of the LPL fan community after a disastrous defeat to PSG and indirectly pushed LPL into a “difficult position”

As for the professional fact, no one can deny that SN is the underrated team, but nonetheless, reaching the quarterfinals of Worlds 2020 at the first time participating in an international tournament is also. A respectable achievement for SofM and teammates, SN will therefore have a great psychological advantage, because they do not have to suffer as much pressure as JDG.

Moreover, the last confrontation of both teams also showed that SN, despite losing, was not too inferior in terms of position compared to JDG, and the chance for them to win against this opponent is completely. Expansion, not impossible mission.

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