In today, the second best PC game of 2018 will be forever free

After the hit duo Hitman and Shadowrun, Epic Games Store continues to bring the gaming community a quality free game. It was Into the Breach. Do not judge this game by looks, it is really cool and one of the best PC games of 2018.

Into the Breach Official Launch Trailer

Are known, Into the Breach is a PC game released in 2018. With an average score of 89, Into the Breach is one of the highest rated PC games in 2018.

In terms of plot, Into the Breach also brings gamers into an extremely thrilling and mysterious world. Humanity is facing the prospect of destruction, especially when suffering from the invasion from the Vek legion – the insect monsters appear below the surface of the earth. And you – also the main character of the game play a high-ranking commander, tasked with protecting the remaining human fortresses, before preparing a counterattack to wipe out the raft. The invaders are out of here.

Unlike Faster Than Light, Into the Breach is not too emotional, as well as upholding the sentiment of his teammates like his predecessor. And as revealed by one of the two main designers for the game, Justin Ma, if for FTL, the seamless, touching and engaging storyline is one of the most important things in Into the Breach, gameplay. The same way you interact with your actions, other characters decide it all.

The terrain and map elements in Into the Breach are also carefully invested by designers. There are four islands that you must defend, each with different terrain, enemies as well as battle rules. For example, Pinnacle Robotics is a wasteland located in the North Pole, which is covered with frost all year round. The human settlements here are often covered with a relatively thick layer of ice – which gives them an extra natural defense against the Vek legion’s attacks.

That is how the publisher wants players to pay attention, not only their own strength, but also to cleverly use the advantages available from nature in their efforts against the mighty Vek army. Every time you defend successfully and achieve your goals, you will have the opportunity to purchase new equipment, or when you kill Vek, your defenders will also level up, and learn. new features.

In today the second best PC game of 2018 will be forever free | PC/Console

Like many other games, when you start with Into the Breach, you will have a group of mechs – or basic warriors. However, after completing some missions, you will have a chance to unlock more. One of the robots that recommend it is Judoka – while it does not carry much damage, it has excellent attack aura, or the ability to make the Veks collide themselves. Frozen Death is also a good choice, with the ability to freeze opponents in the notes.

Of course, each mechs has a different ability, and how to coordinate and use them depends a lot on the calculation of each player. But remember, coming to Into the Breach, you will definitely be caught up in this strategy game at any time.

To download and play the game Into the Breach 100% free, you can access here. Time to receive the game from 22:00 on September 3 to September 10.

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