In the UK, ‘hand picking leaves and kicking butter pipe’ still makes money

Pictures of a variety of leaves wrapped in transparent nylon bags and bundles went viral on social media in the UK this week, sparking controversy over the price of the product – £ 6 ( 7.5 US dollars). Literally, leaves can be picked up from the streets at this time of year, which is understandable when some people accuse the Waitrose supermarket of trying to make money selling something “for free” or frankly it is falling off the road.

“A real leaf bag? I’ll sell you a leaf bag for a lot cheaper,” wrote one Twitter user. Another commented: “This must be the idea of ​​a drunk person.” These bizarre bundles of leaves appear on the shelves of Waitrose Supermarket as a fall welcome product, and have a sticker with the words “bring the outdoors into your home”.

In the UK hand picking leaves and kicking butter pipe still makes money | Live

Despite the negative feedback on its fall-themed products, Waitrose explained the decision to charge them down to $ 5 for supermarket shoppers. A Waitrose spokesperson said: “We’ve seen a really strong demand for fall foliage, our customers love to use them to combine with seasonal flowers to decorate their home. surname”.

Interestingly, there are those who seem somewhat justify the price of this leaf bag by saying that it is clearly “high quality leaf”. This is not the first time UK department stores and supermarkets have posted “free” items at exorbitant prices. Examples include: Sally Bourne Interiors, a London luxury store that sells painted logs for $ 14 a piece; Crafts shop Botanique sells branches for $ 22. And most likely in the future there will be a supermarket or a store that will sell pebbles on the street for tens of dollars.

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