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In the midst of the storm, Do Mixi sent a letter to fans, admitting “today is a bad day”, even affecting his wife and children.

Recently, in a report on the issue of “profanity” on the livestream, VTV has featured many famous faces of the Vietnamese streamer community. Among them, Mixi degrees was once again broadcast by VTV, and this time, the Chief was no longer covered in his face. In the evening of the same day, Mixi degrees sent a long message in the group dedicated to this streamer guy fan community.

“Dear tribal brothers and sisters.

Today is a bad day for me when most social media sites attack me personally, dig and analyze what I have done as a streamer, and importantly the harm of my job. are working with young people, especially children under 18 years old.

I myself have confided many times on stream, I understand that my language is not polite, and still improving day by day, if you follow it for a long time, you will probably also notice the change. in a more positive direction, at least less obscene than before.

The impact on children is something no one wants, to be most comfortable interacting with all viewers, I always limit the age on the screen and choose non-children’s content when uploading videos. And also reminded you of the good and bad things about watching your stream.

In the midst of the storm Do Mixi sent a letter to fans admitting today is a bad day even affecting his wife and children | Mobile & Social

4 years after my career, I myself have had certain successes, also have a small community, have supporters and followers, it grows up over time. As everything develops around me, I also make an effort to refresh myself and invest in more quality content, and I believe more or less brings you entertainment and life energy. positive.

Colliding or being caught up in the market, becoming the focus for public opinion to discuss, becoming a good prey for the media to exploit is always a taboo for myself, I just wanted to live in a separate world. , no comparison, no judgments, no fights with anyone. My career and audience, that’s enough.

This incident not only affected me personally, but also received disdain for his wife and children.

+ Do not argue with each other, argue to do anything, everyone watching has their own feelings, everyone will protect their views, then it will not come anywhere.

+ This is just the beginning, there will be many problems they dig up, so in the near future, I hope you do not overreact, just read and ignore it, I will be more accepting.

In the midst of the storm Do Mixi sent a letter to fans admitting today is a bad day even affecting his wife and children | Mobile & Social

+ The attack on other parties’ personal pages and youtube channels only reinforces their young community and distorts the children’s ideology, so please be quiet and act culturally.

+ This is not a match between me and the media, I lost in the first place, so you should stop putting it on the scale.

+ My wife and children are not related to this.

+ There are many people who don’t like me, but I know there are many people who see me as a habit every night, I promise I will not quit my job, will be with you as long as possible.

Today too many things, if they are as serious as the old days, no one will look at you asking for help?

Give me a day off, hug my 2 kids to sleep.

Thank you whole family “

In the midst of the storm Do Mixi sent a letter to fans admitting today is a bad day even affecting his wife and children | Mobile & Social

The fans’ words of encouragement sent to Mixi degrees

The Patriarch’s letter quickly received a series of comments and feelings from the community. With nearly 300,000 emotions, including 58,000 sad emotions, more than 35,000 comments, most of which are encouragement and sharing from fans. Mixi degrees.

Being one of the famous streamer also in the second best today, Mixi degrees attracts viewers by humorous, friendly and simple talking style when livestreaming. That is part of the reason why this guy receives the support of many viewers as well as a huge number of subscribers on his YouTube channel.

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