In the middle of the world bewildered by Corona virus, Netflix immediately released a science film about how to prevent a pandemic!

In recent days, people around the world, especially Chinese people, are very worried about the appearance of corona pneumonia virus. By the morning of January 23, at least 500 Chinese people were found to be positive for corona virus, with 17 deaths. When the risk of a respiratory-related virus pandemic broke out again in China, Netflix “big” Netflix quickly launched a documentary series. Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak (Pandemic: How to prevent an outbreak).

This series of 6 episodes will give viewers very interesting information related to past pandemics and how humans control and repel these pandemics. Starting from the largest influenza pandemic in modern history recorded as the Spanish flu, to extremely dangerous pandemics such as SARS, H1N1 bird flu, pandemic MERS, Ebola .. By 2020, humans will continue to face Corona – the pneumonia virus thought to originate from wildlife in Wuhan.

“Pandemic” is Netflix’s latest documentary series, giving audiences useful information about the pandemic in human history.

Not only providing information about pandemics and prevention, but the film also spends time talking about the merits of doctors, leading scientists in the world constantly searching for new vaccines. to tame dangerous viruses. They are the heroes who are not afraid to die in the epidemic outbreaks around the world. There have been people who have sacrificed their lives in the process of healing the sick.

While the corona disease situation is spreading on a large scale, the appearance of a documentary series like Pandemic will be of great help to the viewers. Present, Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak being aired exclusively on Netflix.

Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak Trailer

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