In the end, what kind of plot will the new The Witcher game have? Will Geralt and Ciri return or not?

At the end of March, CD Projekt RED (CDPR) suddenly confirmed that it was developing the next The Witcher game, nearly 7 years after The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was released. Along with that, the studio also teased a picture of a strange locket most likely from lynx schoola school of witcher that did not exist in the original author Andrzej Sapkowski.

Here’s everything we know about the upcoming The Witcher game.

When CDPR is still being quite tight-lipped about its new project, it is also the time when fans can unleash their imaginations, with “conspiracy theories” surrounding the plot as well as the main character line. in the upcoming game The Witcher. Will we see Geralt with his friends again? Or will Ciri continue the story that her “father” left behind? Or will gamers be in the role of a completely new witcher to continue to explore the vast Continent land?

Here is the analysis of YouTuber xLetalis, one of the hardcore fans, has discovered countless secrets and interesting details surrounding The Witcher universeespecially the Wild Hunt game version.

Strange medallion, unknown origin, but definitely not from the Wolf family

In the end what kind of plot will the new The Witcher game have Will Geralt and Ciri return or not | Apps/Games

Does this medal belong to the witcher school Cat or Lynx?

When the picture above was first released, many witcher fans thought it was the School of the Cat medallion – which was mentioned in the Wild Hunt game version. Even in a later expansion mission, the player has the opportunity to encounter a witcher from the Cat house and can choose to finish him off or spare his life.

However, as mentioned above, after careful consideration, this medal may completely belong to the School of the Lynx family, which has never appeared in the novel, television or game versions. . This is a fan-made school, founded by some of the remaining witchers of the Wolf and Cat family, including Lambert, and the sorceress Keira Metz.

If this information is correct, it is very likely that the next witcher game will be set after The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, when Lambert and Keira Metz together travel to the South of the continent to start a new life. However, it is not clear how CD Projekt RED will handle if the player accidentally (or intentionally) kills both of these characters in the Wild Hunt version? Will they change the origins of the lynx school? Or will he ignore the previous choice of the player, still leave Lambert and Keira Metz unharmed after the battle in Kaer Morhen?

In the end what kind of plot will the new The Witcher game have Will Geralt and Ciri return or not | Apps/Games

Ciri has a medal from the Cat witcher school.

On the other hand, if this is the Cat’s locket, it’s highly likely that it belongs to Ciri. In the novel version, she obtained a similar locket from assassin Leo Bonhart. In the ending of The Witcher 3, Ciri is alone to stop the White Light (White Light) and the White Snowstorm (White Frost) to save the world. The “teasing” photo above shows a cat locket lying on a snowy background. Coincidence? Only time can give us the best answer.

An interesting point that xLetalis discovered is that the photo above has a rather low resolution, only 1280×720, although CDPR has repeatedly posted 4K paintings for its franchise. Therefore, it is possible that this medal image is cut from a larger artwork, which can “spoil” more information, which they temporarily hide and do not want to publish.

Will Ciri return in the next version of The Witcher game?

In the end what kind of plot will the new The Witcher game have Will Geralt and Ciri return or not | Apps/Games

The fate of Ciri in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt depends on the choices the player makes in the main storyline.

Although CDPR has shared that they want to explore more stories surrounding Ciri, the possibility of this character returning in the new game is quite low. The reason is because in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the player has chosen the ending for Ciri: Either become the Queen of Nilfgaard, or become a wandering witcher, or perish/disappear in the world. The world is filled with white snow. If Ciri were to return in a game that is said to be set after Wild Hunt, CDPR would inadvertently negate at least 2 of the 3 endings above.

Of course, they can still exploit the later period between the novel and the Wild Hunt game, when Ciri travels through many different worlds and has repeatedly helped Geralt in dangerous situations. However, this idea will limit CDPR to both the past and future of Ciri, not giving them too much creative space to write new interesting stories.

Some fans have theorized that the main character of the next The Witcher game will be the descendant of Ciri, who inherits Elder Blood and will become a true witcher (probably under the training of the Spirit School. cat). With this idea in mind, CDPR just needs to explain a little more about how Ciri passed on her ancient blood, then they are completely free to build a new story, regardless of the player’s choice. any ending for Ciri in Wild Hunt.

Will Geralt return in the next version of The Witcher game?

In the end what kind of plot will the new The Witcher game have Will Geralt and Ciri return or not | Apps/Games

Geralt had a pretty complete ending in the Blood and Wine DLC.

This is the question that gamers have been constantly discussing not only in the past few weeks, but since the Wild Hunt game version officially ended with the Blood and Wine DLC. However, compared to Ciri, Geralt’s re-emergence is probably even lower.

First, CDPR said that the upcoming The Witcher game will open a new story school, indirectly confirming that they will let Geralt rest and exploit other characters in the vast Continent. Besides, Geralt had a rather satisfying ending in Blood and Wine, even depending on the player’s choice, the white wolf once had the thought of wanting to “wash his hands and hang up his sword” and live a peaceful life. in the beautiful Toussaint region.

Similar to Ciri, if CDPR wants to, they can still exploit the story of Geralt in the post-novel period, pre-The Witcher 1. But now, the element of surprise will be almost gone, because those who have been who have played through The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings know what Geralt went through during that period.

Currently, it is still too early to confirm the return of Geralt as the main character. However, with what happened in Wild Hunt, maybe CDPR should give this witcher a rest, instead of ruining the full and slightly regretful ending they created 7 years ago, and ” milking” to the most famous character of The Witcher franchise.

Who can become the main character of the next The Witcher title?

In the end what kind of plot will the new The Witcher game have Will Geralt and Ciri return or not | Apps/Games

The world of witcher is still full of other interesting characters.

One of the names most mentioned by fans when talking about the next games of The Witcher is Vesemir, Geralt’s teacher. This character already sacrificed himself in Wild Hunt, but his story from before the events of the original began until now is still a mystery. Netflix once released the animated film Nightmare of the Wolf to exploit Vesemir’s youth, and it is not excluded that CDPR will also follow this idea.

Another idea for this game is to create a completely new witcher, or exploit a character that already exists but has too little acting space. This idea may disappoint many fans, but it gives CDPR more creative space in the plot to mold a Continent with a completely new political look. Many fans even think that CDPR should allow players to switch between different characters, including witchers, magicians or even elves and dwarves, just like they did with Geralt and Geralt. Ciri in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

When will the new The Witcher game be released?

In the end what kind of plot will the new The Witcher game have Will Geralt and Ciri return or not | Apps/Games

It may be a few years before we know if Geralt will return for the next witcher game.

As mentioned above, CDPR does not share too much about its new project, other than a photo of a medallion on a white background. It took them about 3.5 – 4 years for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. So, the new game version will probably take as much time, maybe even longer. Anyway witcher is also the franchise that made CDPR’s name, and obviously they don’t want to rush, rush, and then disappoint like Cyberpunk 2077.

In addition, CDPR has also confirmed that the new game will use Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5 engine, instead of REDengine as before. However, this studio insists that it will release the game on many different platforms, not exclusively for any unit. no-20220411000733622.chn

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