In order to keep up with the race for the biggest sale of the year, how do e-commerce businesses prepare their sales infrastructure?

The number of customers, the value of the shopping cart has created a significant boost over the past few days on the sales page. But if you have not mastered the speed and smoothness of the website during the buying journey of customers, all of these positive signals may not convert into revenue as expected.

Visitors, especially women will be difficult to ignore when they are forced to wait unreasonably, namely “wait for the website to finish loading”, “it will take a long time for payment”, “to type forever. I just completed the delivery information but the website was reloaded “,” pictures take a long time, the video loads slowly “… and 1001 reasons come from the website that annoys women.

In short, no matter how large, small or large sales campaign you want to launch, the first priority must be a “smooth smooth” shopping experience on the website.

In order to keep up with the race for the biggest sale of the year how do e commerce businesses prepare their sales infrastructure | Live

How do selling sites with massive “sale” programs handle the challenge of online sales platforms?

When the time “G” has scored, the number of people who visit the website to “hunt for sale” can use massively or explosive words to visualize. If the backend infrastructure is not prepared, the consequences of interruptions, website service shutdown, and app sales are inevitable. The most common cause of these conditions comes from: traffic spikes beyond the current host system’s ability to handle and congestion of bandwidth. It is necessary to host the website above Cloud Server High performance can guarantee up to 99.99% continuous uptime.

When the system has too many users, a single server will not respond to the huge number of requests sent at once. At this point, an additional load balancer is needed to distribute traffic fully automatically to a group of servers, using only servers that are running efficiently and in a ready state.

But is it easy to adopt such a model?

A Cloud Server can in fact only need 45 seconds to initialize, 2 seconds to increase hard drive capacity, 60s to change CPU / RAM configuration, 1 second to create a data backup, … with the ability to handle up to millions of requests. per second, meeting nearly all of the infrastructure needs for businesses. Integrate more Load Balancer for the system after just a few clicks …

These settings are performed on a simple, easy-to-understand control panel that is friendly to even novice users.

Large systems need to have unlimited storage or automatically adjust the model with Simple Storage (cloud storage), Auto-Scaling (automatically increase or decrease the server) … to make the platforms ready immediately. when needing to expand operations further.

Once finished the task of preparing the backend end, handling the experience smoothly at the frontend to complete a powerful sales platform.

Psychology of users when “hunting for sale” is often impatient, to quickly own the item and wait before … it is out of stock or the short promotion period ends. Although the risk of service interruption has been completely eliminated, unpleasant experiences such as slow page loading, long images, long wait for payment to complete … will certainly have a negative impact on feelings of pride. inspiration of customers’ shopping.

The characteristic of sales websites is that they often contain an extremely large number of images, updated regularly. The number and size of images gradually hinder the processing speed of the page. The techniques to automatically compress images while maintaining the quality, reduce the load for the original server when caching static files such as images, js, css …, speed up website loading 16 times faster than normal as CDN is very necessary, needs.

In order to keep up with the race for the biggest sale of the year how do e commerce businesses prepare their sales infrastructure | Live

CDN or Content Delivery Network – Content delivery network can be integrated into the website quickly just a few minutes, with prices starting from only 800 VND / GB and no need for direct technical expert to handle.

With more extensive needs such as video streaming, sales livestream also has specialized support software such as VOD, Live Streaming that allows live sales on a series of platforms at the same time.

Inheriting all the advantages of cloud computing, the solutions are available: automatic operation, instant expansion or contraction, no downtime, no need for dedicated IT staff, no staffing costs. , equipment costs, remote administration via web interface …

The sales infrastructure is ready and complete, the only thing to pay attention to now is to focus on eye-catching images, attractive promotions, no longer have to worry about possible unexpected incidents. happening, causing both money and reputation losses.

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