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In just 2 weekends, the whole Vietnamese gaming industry was in turmoil, what happened?

Launching the biggest beauty contest in the village

Over the weekend, the announcement of the Miss & Mister Vo Lam Truyen Ky 15 contest appeared on the information channel of VNG games that immediately blew the gloomy atmosphere of netizens and gamers in the middle of the stormy days. . Especially, this contest is not only open to both men and women, but also an occasion to mark the 15-year milestone of the development of the Vo Lam Truyen Ky – Kiem Hiep Tinh Duyen series in Vietnam. Therefore, Miss & Mister VLTK 15 is also a playground for all 6 titles: VLTK, VLTK II, Vo Lam Free, VLTK Cong Thanh Chien, Kiem The and VLTK Mobile.

Accordingly, Miss & Mister Vo Lam Truyen Ky 15 will officially open registration from August 6, 2020, divided into 4 main rounds. Gamers from VLTK Mobile will start the competition from Round 1. Players from the remaining games will be specially invited to Round 2 – starting from August 24, 2020. The total prize value of this contest is also classified as “unprecedented”: more than 52 billion. In particular, each Champion of Miss & Mister will receive 200 million in cash. The community of players who do not choose to become a contestant still has the opportunity to own countless rewards when participating in the activities of this event.

Miss & Mister Vo Lam Truyen Ky 15 is a special event in the series of activities to celebrate 15 years of Vo Lam Truyen Ky. Gamers of these games can see the registration instructions for participation at: 33.html

“Yen Ca No” – New trend of gaming village

Along with the announcement of the biggest beauty pageant in the village, the community has simultaneously called “Yen Ca No” – three faces have appeared in the official TVC of the event.

As expected of a runner – Supermodel, Vo Hoang Yen is the spotlight of this TVC with the “peak of top” spirit. In addition, the young and lovely appearance of the Cara – NoWay couple has made the gaming community constantly calling names in the days when both of them are quarantining at home. TVC advertises for a very well-invested event, the Miss & Mister Vo Lam Truyen Ky 15 contest will surely be in the top of the most interesting events in the game village in 2020.

Orange turns into a beautiful fox in the music video of Perfect World VNG’s title song

Game swordplay bustle like that, the community of mythical game elites, which is Perfect World VNG, is no less competitive. As if continuing to assert, “Perfect World VNG is beautiful is obvious”, this game has just released a teaser that is both magical and catchy with the appearance of singer Orange.

Although only 30 seconds long, this teaser immediately captivated players because the familiar melody of the title track Fly with me was remixed in a new style. Orange in the teaser is not only beautiful but also charismatic. Not only that, she also transforms all styles, from youthful, seductive … to discreet in the ancient style with a little myth.

It is known that Fly with me marks the first cooperation between Orange and Perfect World VNG – also the first online game that she started working with. Along with the title song MV, Perfect World VNG is also preparing to release the 2nd version called Hoan My Tan Sinh, bringing many new and unique features to gamers. See more information about Perfect World VNG at [ Æsir Tales ]

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