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Important details show that this year’s QLED 8K 2020 TV is superior to ‘intellect’ over rivals

When smart TV can “self-study” to improve the quality of content

Samsung first announced the technology of upgrading 8K standard images with Artificial Intelligence AI on the QLED 8K 2019 TV series. Users, enthusiasts around the world are really convinced by the performance of this technology. . As a result, many manufacturers want to follow this path to be able to popularize 8K TVs more widely, surpassing the limit of content shortage at a resolution of more than 33 million pixels.

Technology to upgrade standard image 8K with Artificial Intelligence AI on QLED TV is an ideal solution to overcome the current lack of content limitation

In the latest generation of QLED 8K 2020 TVs, Samsung showed the image of a technology leader when turning technology from software algorithms into “self-learning” hardware with Quantum 8K processors. Quantum 8K processor creates an upgrade algorithm with unlimited number of times by combining deep learning (deep learning algorithm upgraded with machine learning) with neural network (simulating the central nervous system). Thanks to this advanced technology, the processor has reached the level of flexibility as the human brain, helping to upgrade each pixel to the best 8K standard to bring detailed images, explore aspects of real images. and reduce noise per pixel.

Specifically in each display scene, instead of the algorithm to improve the level of detail and color that takes place throughout the frame of the previous generation TV, Quantum 8K processor is capable of recognizing and compensating for details and colors. specific colors for each area, different subjects. The upgraded video results on the QLED 8K 2020 TV have realistic results and are closer to the content produced in true 8K resolution.

Important details show that this year s QLED 8K 2020 TV is superior to intellect over rivals | Digital toys

Quantum 8K processor elevates software algorithms into “self-learning” hardware, providing even more impressive performance

If the first generation of 8K image enhancement technology with Artificial Intelligence AI created the first foundation for QLED 8K TVs to be useful for daily TV content, then this year because of thinking and analyzed in the same way that the human brain works, this processor can provide optimal imaging solutions, giving images as lifelike as real life.

QLED 8K 2020 TV: “Intelligence” and the infinity screen create an unprecedented visual experience

Besides the new step in technology to upgrade standard 8K images with Artificial Intelligence AI, QLED 8K 2020 TV makes “a real design revolution” according to Forbes, with an infinity screen. When the edge is almost invisible, the content-to-display ratio is 99%, combined with the efficient upgrade of images from the Quantum 8K processor, “QLED TVs will give users a viewing experience. “the most immersed,” commented TechAeris, one of the major media outlets in the US.

Important details show that this year s QLED 8K 2020 TV is superior to intellect over rivals | Digital toys

The combination of the infinity screen design and the new 8K standard image upscaling technology make the QLED 8K 2020 TV impress the audiences and experts

The standards of Samsung AI design and technology embodied in the new QLED 8K TV have conquered experts and media units around the world that the judgments and awards achieved are concrete evidence. The top QLED TV model Q950TS received the “Best in Class” award from the prestigious AV Forums forum where the main design of the overflow screen up to 99% really made a difference. for Samsung products.

Important details show that this year s QLED 8K 2020 TV is superior to intellect over rivals | Digital toys

A series of praises and awards show that the new generation QLED TV promises to be the first choice for advanced users.

The QLED 8K Q950TS premium product convinces Forbes with both “revolutionary” and “intellectual” designs applied in image enhancement, helping to create visual effects of depth, texture and fine image details. than. The QLED 8K Q800T TV received a five-star rating and Editor’s Choice Award from US media outlets, HD Guru and Tech Aeris. 4K resolution products such as the QLED 4K Q90T model also make their mark thanks to technological improvements when AVS Forum rated the Top Choice in 2020 (Top Choice 2020).

In addition, Samsung’s most advanced TV series also has many other advanced technologies such as the ability to support 100% DCI-P3 standard – the standard color range in the world of cinema, Adaptive Picture technology to optimize internal. In every lighting condition through the built-in sensor system, Quantum HDR 480 Blocks feature high-quality data analysis that optimizes the contrast and image details displayed regardless of the pulse light conditions. around, … All contribute to making new heights of visual experience that today’s users can enjoy.

The 8K TV era started with Samsung and it is creating more and more impressive products. With the technological level and vision of the world’s largest TV brand, Samsung is taking the role of leading the new trend by fully conquering audio-visual experts and the elite user segment.

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