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iMac with ‘iPad Pro design language’ may be announced at WWDC this year

According to leaker Sonny Dickson, an entirely new iMac model will likely appear at the end of this month, and this will be one of many announcements by Apple at the annual WWDC event.

The new iMac will have a thinner screen bezel, with a design that looks quite similar to Apple’s Pro Display XDR screen. It will also abandon the traditional swivel hard drive to replace SSDs, and for the first time, the Apple T2 security chip will be carried on an iMac.

iMac is a rare computer line that has been neglected by Apple for a long time, starting to show signs of “old age”. In terms of frame design, the iMac was last overhauled in 2012 with the “squeezed” cover only 5mm thick. But this design point is only visible from the side. And from the front, the design of the iMac has not changed compared to … decades ago.

In the context of Apple switching to products such as the iPhone X and iPad Pro 2018, the iMac’s thick black bezels and metal ungainly “chin” look really outdated. It seems that the iMac is finally getting a new outfit with the modern industrial design that Apple is using for its hardware products.

Dickson also said that Apple’s all-in-one computer will also have significant changes in internal configuration, including the new Navi GPU from AMD and the departure of rotating hard drives (including Apple exclusive Fusion Drive combo).

And for the first time ever, the Apple T2 co-processor will appear on the iMac. Although Apple has sold a number of iMacs with SSDs before, this machine has never enjoyed the benefits brought by the T2 chip because its standard version only uses regular hard drives. The T2 chip will allow for super fast data read / write speeds, along with many other security benefits.

In addition, according to a news report earlier today, Apple is preparing to announce the conversion of Mac computers from Intel CPUs to ARM CPUs. However, the first Mac computers not using Intel CPUs will not appear immediately but have to wait until at least 2021, and most likely it will be a laptop with a form factor similar to the MacBook Air.

If the above information is correct, then it seems that Apple’s intention to equip the ARM co-processor with the iMac is quite timely, before the Macs start to switch to using ARM CPUs in all other activities.

iMac with iPad Pro design language may be announced at WWDC this year | Digital toys

WWDC has now become a great festival for Apple fans. At this year’s event, the company is likely to announce new operating system versions, including iOS 14, watchOS 7, macOS 10.16, and tvOS 14.

These operating systems may come with some new technology, such as the ability to allow users to select the default email application at will if they prefer not to use Apple Mail. IOS’s home screen may also have a new list view mode.

Some new announcements related to services will also be published by Apple, such as audio articles in Apple News +, and service packs (bundle) which include Music / News + / TV + / Arcade at prices. endow.

All of the above-mentioned announcements will be made via the new WWDC format, completely online: this is the first time Apple has hosted the entire WWDC event in the form of virtualization by the COVID pandemic. -19. Although the company has not officially confirmed the date of the organization, but it is likely that everything will start on Monday, June 22nd.

Reference: 9to5mac

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