IG TheShy: If you want to escape from the Union, never go to Top, the match with Khan is quite tedious because there is not much pressure

After shines help Invictus Gaming win the head-on confrontation with FunPlus Phoenix at the opening match LPL Spring 2020, TheShy immediately became the focus of attention of the Chinese League of Legends community.

TheShy shines through to help IG defeat FPX on the opening day of LPL Spring 2020

As the best name in this classic match, the Korean top star gave an interview after the game, sharing a lot of interesting feelings about the story of falling down the rank of bronze in the period. early in the season, as well as a confrontation with Khan.

When the reporter mentioned the story of winning 10/10 ranked matches but still dropped to Dong II, TheShy shared humor: “This is not much of a problem, because I also want to go down to a low rank. Experiment a bit, see how the players are here. ”

And the conclusion of the guy after escaping from the Dong Doan (TheShy has now climbed … Silver Union) is: “If you want to get rid of Bronze rank, then never choose the top lane, you really can’t do anything, sometimes so helpless that there’s no door to win.”

IG TheShy If you want to escape from the Union never go to Top the match with Khan is quite tedious because there is not much pressure | Esports

A world superstar like Khan that when down to the Union also must be helpless

Talking about the confrontation with Khan – Also a top top player in the world, contrary to the opinion of the gaming community, TheShy said that this match took place relatively boring and not really attractive. : “Perhaps the fans had high expectations for the match between me and Dong-ha. The fact is that we have been facing each other quite a lot, but today the top lane is a bit tedious, even. Throughout the match, I rarely feel pressure, hoping that Dong-ha hyung will play more aggressively next time. “

Despite the significant loss of personnel when having to part with JackeyLove this season, IG is still very confident in their journey to conquer glory. The team set a goal to reach the LPL Spring Split 2020, and therefore, winning against FPX in the opening match was a very encouraging signal, contributing to the morale of TheShy and his teammates in Harsh race is coming.

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