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If you love Solo Leveling, you can’t miss these 5 extremely attractive ‘level up’ manhwas

Solo Leveling is a manhwa series attracted by the excellent leveling system, in addition to the extremely attractive storyline, the character development is reasonable, role-playing combined with eye-catching, thrilling action scenes, stimulate the reader’s interest in following.

And if you love this series, you should not miss the 5 manhwas with the same content below.

Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint

Author: Sing-shong

Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint is a series adapted from an online novel by author Singshong. The main character of the series, Dokja Kim, lives a life without purpose. He always looks down on school and works half-heartedly, skipping jobs constantly, but attentively and patiently follows the web novel series “Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse”. Dokja has been a longtime fan of the novels since he was in high school. What’s more strange, even though the series spans many years, Dokja is the only reader.

One day, when he had just returned from work on the train, a strange creature appeared. It requires everyone on board to kill each other and only the 5 survivors are allowed out. It was strange because what was happening was exactly the same in the novel he read. With attractive content, the series is currently attracting a lot of fans of Solo Leveling.

Ranker Who Lives A Second Time

Author: Nong nong

If you love Solo Leveling you can t miss these 5 extremely attractive level up manhwas | GameK

Ranker Who Lives A Second Time is a level up manhwa or similar content Solo Leveling. The series revolves around the story of twin brothers whose mother is sick. Then the younger brother disappeared and no one could find him and the mother was dead.

One day, when the older brother came home from work, he found the watch and diary that he had given to his younger brother. He discovers that his younger brother actually went to another world to seek a cure for his mother’s illness, but was betrayed by the friends he trusted the most. The brother at this time left everything and set out to start a journey to avenge his brother.


Author: Choi Jong-hyuk

If you love Solo Leveling you can t miss these 5 extremely attractive level up manhwas | GameK

Raid is set in a world where portals to the demon world begin to appear on Earth. Because of that, there were continuously many people being killed by the monsters spilling out from the gate. At this time, many people began to awaken to powers that no one could have imagined before.

Now, after 50 years, the story has just begun. Our main character who works in a shop has awakened his powers so he registers himself as a hunter. He gradually rose up the ranks, trying to climb to 5th place from the bottom of the table.

The Worn and Torn Newbie

Author: Redice Studio

If you love Solo Leveling you can t miss these 5 extremely attractive level up manhwas | GameK

The Worn and Torn Newbie is also an attractive manhwa that is loved by many people. The main character, often referred to as “stagnation” in the story, is a virtual reality game addict. He loved it so much that he spent 10 years working on it. At the start the game worked quite well but after 10 years its market value started to decrease and he gradually lost all his money.

While waiting to die, he suddenly went back in time to the time when the game had just launched. And now his journey has begun to find his money back.


Author: Park Jong-Seok

If you love Solo Leveling you can t miss these 5 extremely attractive level up manhwas | GameK

Player revolves around the story of our main character who is often bullied at school. One day, on one of his favorite shows, a question is asked and the person who gets the most likes gets his wish granted. Unexpectedly his comment received a lot of likes and he was transported into the world he longed for.

Here his life changed completely, although he faced many difficulties, but thanks to that he was able to gain a firm foothold in this new world. He even became a hero. give the magic sword to aid in the journey.

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