If you get a battery drain error on iOS 14, you may have to … wipe your iPhone in order to fix it

Operating system updates can come with a lot of unexpected bugs, and it looks like the latest iOS 14 and watchOS 7 that just launched by Apple not long ago are no exception. There have been many complaints over the past several days that some users after updating their device – instead of enjoying a more efficient version of the operating system – immediately discover a wide range of problems, from missing Fitness data, health apps won’t open, or the iPhone and Apple Watch use more battery power than usual. While Apple has posted ways to resolve some of these problems, it’s obviously not easy.

Regarding the battery drain error, many Twitter users expressed frustration on their personal pages. For example, one person wrote that: “The battery is unimaginable. From 90% to 3% in one hour“Most people don’t actually have that serious battery drain problem, but it does show that there are people who aren’t as” lucky. ”

Apple has released a bug fix update (iOS 14.0.1), but this version did not address any of these bugs. Instead, Apple recommends that if you run into two (or more) issues as outlined above, then disconnect your iPhone and Apple Watch, back up your data to iCloud, wipe any data from your iPhone. files, and then restore both your iPhone and Apple Watch from previous backup. Unfortunately, there is no way to recover fitness route maps, environmental audio related data, or any other previously lost data – and Apple also added that those who suffer. affected by the error should follow the instructions to “prevent future data loss “.

Still haven’t updated to iOS 14? The advice for you is to wait a few more days, until Apple – and other iPhone / Apple Watch users – confirm everything is in place.

Reference: TheVerge

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