If you don’t smell these two scents, you most likely have COVID-19

One of the really weird things about SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes the COVID-19 pandemic, is that there are so many strange and frightening symptoms that manifest in millions of victims around the world. Some of them are quite obvious, such as fever and dry cough, but there are those with unrecognizable manifestations that are involved unless tested.

And loss of smell or taste is one of the new coronavirus symptoms that many people need to be aware of, because this is essentially a dangerous warning indicating the presence of the virus. According to a recent analysis by the New York Times, nearly 90% of patients report the existence of this symptom. Even a study by Vanderbilt University Medical Center found that about 25% of people diagnosed with the new coronavirus reported this as their only symptom.

The illustration depicts elements of the new coronavirus, which is responsible for COVID-19.

To determine how particularly olfactory is associated with the presence of COVID-19, especially when people report a loss of their ability to identify specific odors, a team in India has Try to determine if your inability to smell certain specific odors could be a red flag. They use five common smells that most people are familiar with and have available: Mint, dill, coconut oil, garlic, and cardamom. They also created a test kit, to make things easier when volunteers can do this at home.

The groups that participated in the study were 49 coronavirus asymptomatic patients and 35 people who were not infected with the virus. It was later discovered that although COVID-19 positive patients “had lost their sense of smell, they may not have completely lost their sense of smell”.

According to the study, only 4.1% of participants were unable to identify any of the 5 odors in the odor test, while 38.8% could not identify at least one of the odors and 16% did not. Two odors can be determined.

Everyone in the healthy group can smell the odors used in the test.

And the group of people infected with COVID-19 reported having difficulty smelling coconut oil and mint. Specifically, nearly 25% of the participants could not smell mint and nearly 21% of the participants said they could not smell coconut oil.

If you don t smell these two scents you most likely have COVID 19 | Explore

Anyone can do this odor test at home.

“One possibility is that people with an upper respiratory tract infection often experience a stuffy nose, drainage, and other nasal symptoms that can interfere with the odor’s ability to reach the olfactory nerve, located at the top of the cavity. nose”, The team at Vanderbilt once explained why and how viruses can lead to a loss of smell and taste. “However, we believe that the main cause, especially for people with prolonged or permanent loss of olfactory function, is the virus that causes the inflammatory response inside the nose, which can lead to loss of nerve cells. smell.”

The test report says more research is needed before conclusive evidence is available, but scientists believe this odor test can be done at home so people are alerted to the possibility of coronavirus infection and Help them take the necessary precautions.

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