If you bring a villain like Batman Who Laughs to the movie, the DC Extended Universe will be like a tiger with wings

As a relatively new villain, but Batman Who Laughs has quickly become an indispensable face in many DC Comics storylines. His role in the Dark Night Metal series and the multiverse unfolding in the upcoming The Flash contribute to many dramatic scenarios for Batman. Plus, the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) is also building series in a horror-driven direction – starting with The Trench, Aquaman’s spin-off, and letting Batman go through challenging situations will leave the audience. fake not too surprised

It is undeniable that the success of the original series is largely thanks to the reputation of Batman. One may not know who the Dark Knight is, but we all know how Batman possesses invincible powers, defeating the supernatural gods with his weapon and ingenuity. Therefore, the appearance of the evil version of Batman makes people curious: can anyone defeat him?

There are 3 reasons why none other than Batman Who Laughs – another crazy variation of Batman in another Universe would be the perfect villain for the DCEU horror series.

First, the Batman Who Laughs storyline of the same name tells that, in his own universe, no one can fight the evil Bruce Wayne. Which means that the superheroes in the main universe seem to be in a weak position when facing this villain.

Most importantly, it will pave the way for the emergence of the Dark Multiverse, the “hometown” of Batman Who Laughs, and many other fearsome characters – many of which are bad versions of Batman. This multiverse is the potential setting for something that is normally difficult for audiences to see: beloved DC superheroes tasting defeat.

The third reason is also very notable: the DCEU is supposed to be without Batman, after Robert Pattison played the superhero in The Flash, and Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck withdrew.

The appearance of a character like Batman Who Laughs will at the same time help ease all of the above problems.

The horror genre that DCEU is making will need Batman Who Laughs to be successful

Thanks to the multiverse in The Flash that another Batman can properly live and have a place in the DCEU, without having to compete directly with Pattison’s character. If Joaquin Phoenix’s and Jared Leto’s Joker could coexist in different DC Universe series, Keaton’s Batman and Affleck could coexist with Pattinson’s, then the DCEU’s future is entirely possible. there’s the presence of another Batman, more different. In particular, it created another precedent in the horror genre, paving the way for The Trench to debut.

Not even excluding the possibility that in the Batman Who Laughs movie, the Justice League universe is destroyed, giving way to an alternate universe, which becomes the main setting for Batman Who Laughs to attack the DCEU. Then comes the appearance of superheroes to confront this evil person.

Basically, audiences often default to thinking that most superheroes are immortal, or if they die they must die bravely. So, if such a scenario happens, that means good people die fighting bad guys, they will still be welcome, even if the “real version” of the DCEU superhero saves the world.

In a world where Batman is a symbol of heroism doing everything to fight for justice, creating the perspective in which one sees how cruel and frightening he is if he doesn’t choose path to protect reason is also a smart plan.

That’s especially interesting as attention is focused on where Pattison’s version of the Dark Night will go in the ethical, good and bad terms of Gotham. Plus, it’s almost certain that any movie starring Batman Who Laughs will see a war between the two Batman. Then at the DCEU, Batman Who Laughs can’t be absent!

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